Buying luggage tag in Australia?

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  1. #1 Jun 26, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2016
    Hey guys - I'm trying to purchase an Ebene luggage tag for my speedy B 30.

    I had emailed LV Oceania and unfortunately they told me that they do not sell the tags separately in Australia and that they only come with certain bags.

    I was in contact with LV on their US web and customer service told me that they sold the tags separately in store in America, but they do not offer international shipping.

    I was just wondering if there is any way to purchase a luggage tag & get it hotstamped in Australia? Any ideas? Does anyone perhaps have experience?

    Thanks guys :smile:
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  3. You simply need to tell your local store that you need to replace a luggage tag for your Keepall in DE because the tag was stolen. Then they can place an order for a repair part (the luggage tag is technically not a product for sale on its own - it's a repair part).

    The SA might ask you to bring the Keepall or show him the receipt: in that case you are screwed. But some will place the order without verifying that you own the bag.

    Good luck!
  4. Thank you, will try that out!
  5. I've experienced the same thing. My mom is in Sydney, Australia right now. I've asked her to pick up a tag for me and have it stamped with the Sydney Opera House. The SA informed her that they can hot stamp it if she brings in her tag, or if she were to purchase a new bag that comes with a tag. They do not sell just the Luggage Tag.
    Not a happy camper, I've decided to start collecting them. Currently I have the one from Toronto with the Maple Leaf hot stamping.[GALLERY=media, 2408]Louis Vuitton Hot Stamp Canada by Boy Mad About Bags posted Apr 7, 2017 at 12:53 PM[/GALLERY]
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  6. I'm hoping to get one with the Canada stamp when I'm in Toronto in a couple weeks. That looks really sharp. If I can't get an additional tag I'll take the one off my keepall and ask them to do stamp under the initials or on the back.
  7. Do you happen to know if this stamp is only available in the Toronto store or if it is available everywhere in Canada? Looks great.
  8. This is probably a silly question but how do you know which areas have their own hot stamp?
  9. I do believe it's available across all LV Canada.