Buying Let-trade?

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  1. Guys be honest, is this a legit genuine LV store? They have great prices, but how do we know that they are not a scam and end up selling me a fake bag?
  2. let trade is very well known and trusted, he is a member here. try a search and you will see we have nothing but praise for him.

  3. i agree well respected:tup:
  4. Agree. He is a trusted seller and very honest.
  5. I bought my Ceries Speedy and Vienna Mizi from her, both authenticated by LV verbally. So from my previous experience, she is good.
  6. Yup, :yes: many members here have purchased from them.
  7. Thanks guys1
  8. is let-trade a He or a SHE??
  9. its a he but he has people working for him in an office so if you contact him it may be a woman you speak to.
  10. There are tons of thread about LT, you should do a search ;)
  11. Not only is let-trade a member here, they have great items and are wonderful to work/buy from.
  12. there's a thread for authenticity questions, please only post these questions there.
    I agree, LT is asked about WAY too often, try a search you'll get a lot of info.
  13. Their LV prices are also very good!
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