buying L.V. online

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  1. So after having a little experiment where I bought 4 LV items on eBay I got... 4 fakes! and even one of them stunk of cigarette smoke, so that was lovely.

    But what should I expect when buying off the website? I mean does every bag, be it a purse or speedy arrive in a box? are there tags and that authentication letter? or do you only get that buying in the shop?

    I know the bag must be genuine since it is from them its just... I'd like to see little tags and things to reassure me, like for instance if I need to bring it back in, wouldn't I need an authencation letter, as if I had bought it in the store?
  2. I usually buy from, and I got a box, dustbag and such. I've never ordered from LV online
  3. i checked eluxury but I think it said it only does the US, so I need to order off LV. in the UK. So there was a box for big items too?
  4. I have had great luck with LV online, and they even called me & followed up to see is I was happy.
    Give them a try!
  5. UK the items are shipped from Paris you get a dustbag, little card to say what it is and care booklet where applicable, box, reciept and returns info if you need to return usally in an envelope or card wallet of some sort they take 2-3 days

    You never get a letter of authenticity from LV even if you buy in a store
  6. Well...they will not smell like smoke or be fake so its a win, win.
  7. thats all great to hear, and yes lol minus the smoke I hope, when I say authenticity I mean the sort of letter like receipt that people, some people where showing on eBay it had the LV heading on the letter and had the name and price of the product typed out, thats the sort of thing I meant.

    I guess you can just call that the receipt? I just wouldn't want my girlfriend to see a cheap Mc Donalds like receipt, half faded;

    " L.V. bag, price 240 pounds...." and the rest being illegible
  8. It is possible to buy safely on eBay and get some fantastic deals. You just have to do your homework by checking out the sellers feedback, terms, photos, etc. Also contact the seller by email and ask any questions as well as requesting additional photos BEFORE placing that first bid.
    And lastly, ALWAYS get a 2nd opinion here on the authentication thread before purchasing.
  9. screw that, I'd prefer to get the real thing, at least on ebay you get something already used since in reality, how can you get a 960 pounds bag and sell it for 500
  10. If a bag has been previously used, (although well cared for), many ladies are willing to sell a bag they will no longer be using for a reduced amount, since they have already received use and pleasure from it and likely want to use the proceeds to fund a new purchase.
    I agree, you won't likely find an authentic brand new bag that originally cost 960 pounds, selling for 500. Something like that would probably go for perhaps 800 pounds.
    It's like buying a used car, really. The moment you drive a brand new car off the lot, it depreciates substantially.
  11. can I be smart and say french cars don't usually go for these prices?

    I probably shouldnt since my dads beloved Volkswagen has only one functioning electronic window now.
  12. You can buy it from Elux as well. It will come with an LV box, tags, dustbag, and a booklet (if any).
  13. You should listen to what Cyndee has said, she has given you some very good tips to help prevent you from buying fakes on eBay. You can get great deals on ebay, you just need to become familiar with spotting which bags are fake and which aren't - and as Cyndee said, you can always post the item in the "Authenticate this..." thread.

    If you buy from then you will get everything that you would get from buying in a store except for a shopping bag. You'll get a receipt but you won't get an authentication letter, those don't exist.