Buying L.V Bags?

99% of the time I get them from the boutique. However, if there is a discontinued bag I want, I'll look on ebay (I've only gotten the peach graffiti pochette there so far). And if there's something I see that I want but the store doesn't have it yet, I'll buy from elux. That was how I got my white MC Speedy before my boutique even got it in.
Boutique and ebay.:graucho: Any authenticity questions can be posted in the "authenticate this " sticky and we'll help you out.:yes:
Same here 99% at the boutique. Since relocating found my choices are limited to eLux until I get my driving bug back. Then it's back to the boutique for me. It's no fun not IRL. JMO
mostly eluxury. there is only 1 boutique where i live, but i just prefer to shop on elux (no tax, plus ******). i never really cared for the boutique experience anyway.

i also purchase secondhand from ebay... i usually look for bargains on new/like new bags or discontinued bags.
I usually only buy from the boutique, although I hated going there before because of SA's but I think my experiences have gotten better. I rather have new items except for discontinued ones, I got my shelton on ebay. I wouldn't mind elux, but they don't ship LV to Hawaii :sad:
eLuxury for new, I don't want to pay tax so I wouldn't buy from the boutique. I miss out on that experience, but a new bag is a new bag :smile: I try them on in the store to see what I like. I also would get off ebay, from anyone, not necessarilly an mprs only, but I would have my lv expert friend authenticate any auction for me first. I run all bags by her, she's an lv collector and reseller. I ama bit terrified though of triple AAA fakes that could be on ebay, scares me silly!
i usually just buy from eluxury or call 1866 vuitton but i had made a purchase from authentic lv lady on ebay and my purchase was fine....i probably wont ever do it again though...i just like it new. (yes im one of those.) i dont like to think about somebody elses grubby mits all over my stuff. lol.