Buying Knockoffs as heard on The View 9/07...

  1. So, I'm sitting here at the car dealer waiting for some repair work to be finished. The View is on in the lounge, and the topic is handbag knockoffs! They are also talking about dress and designer knockoffs in general. One of them (the young blond) says she thinks designers should be flattered that people make knockoffs. :cursing:

    They flash up a pic of a DVF dress, then a $30 knockoff. Then, BW mentions the street dealers in NYC and says she has bought purses from them, others agree. Then the only voice of reason, Whoopie, says it is not right and the people who knockoff designers should pay them...just like people who used music samples in their songs. The rest slam designer handbags and say they would never spend that kind of money on them.

    Lovely, eh? Now I know why I don't watch this show.
  2. I think it's so weird that a millionaire (BW) would buy a knockoff bag on the street. Maybe she was just amused by it? I reallllllly doubt she would ever carry it. I don't get it :confused1:
  3. OMG! :wtf:ugh! i feel like sending them a long a$$ email about counterfeits and how they, being in a position of power/influence/ and opinion (unfortunately!) for a large populace of female viewers, should set a better moral and educated example!!!!!!!!!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  4. Ok, when Whoopi Goldberg is your voice of reason, you know you have problems :wtf: I can't believe they're so uneducated about such things...oh wait. it's the view, yes I am. The same program where Whoopi DEFENDED DOG FIGHTING. why is this crap still on the air I wonder?:cursing:
  5. i dont think she defended th dog fighting, she was just pointing out that there are cultural differemnces and no one seemed to recognize that. i dont agree with it, but it is more accepted in certain groups and not deeemed illegal.

    i mean, you could say the same with pythons....fashionista's wear them as armcandy in the form of handbags, they're illegal in california, and then in thailand and indonesia, they're food...
  6. It's not like any of them pay for their own stuff anyway!
  7. I can't believe they said that! If someone started counterfeiting their show without permission, I bet they would get plenty upset - same principal - using intellectual property without credit or compensation.
  8. LOL. Seriously!
  9. the only time my family has ever bought knockoffs was when my parents bought fake Rolex's as a X-Mas gift prank on my sisters.

    other than that, it is a bit frustrating that people can't think up their own designs, and that customers are so set upon one aesthetic.
  10. Ugh. I bet some women will now feel it's okay to buy fakes, because the women on The View do. Oy. :rolleyes:
  11. This really bothers me. I think that it is really a bad message that they are sending.
  12. This isn't the first time there's been pro-knockoff talk on the View. Star Jones once said she used to go down to Canal Street and buy buttons with Chanel logos on them and sew them onto her Lane Bryant suits (she was 300+ pounds at the time), so people would think she was wearing Chanel suits. I found that to be rather shallow. What's wrong with just wearing a nice suit with no brand? Why do you have to trick people with a fake? Besides, did she honestly believe that people would buy the idea that Chanel makes suits to fit 300+ pound women?

    That show sucks anyway...
  13. ^ along with that statement about Star's "Chanel" suits, why did she want people to think she had Chanel products? did she honestly think people would like her more, or she'd get more attention, etc., because of that?
  14. I saw it today and Barbara Walters also said that she would never carry an Hermes bag, fake or not, because she wouldn't want anyone to think she would ever spend that kind of money on a bag...whatever, like that is a lot of money to her, please...Joy said she can't believe these girls that work as secretary's and save a months salary to buy a bag and live in some tiny apartment way outside of the city....yikes!
  15. I actually think it would be a good idea for you to send an email, maybe not an angry one, though. I say that because they may not know about the social ramifications of the knockoff business. I know I didn't until I found this site. I had no idea. Lots of people assume that just because people work in the media they know a lot about a lot, and they really don't. You'd be doing them a big favor and, perhaps, they would share that information with their viewers.