Buying kid's clothes?

  1. So, i will be shopping this weekend for clothes for my outrageously growing soon to be 6 year old son. I love Old Navy for him and most of his clothes are from there.

    i thought maybe I would branch out (without spending a lot!). Where do you like to shop for your kids? He wears a size 10 in pants and a boy's medium in shirts-so, no place that only sells little kid's clothes. thanks
  2. I do, I love to shop for my boys, I have a very funny situation with my boys sizings, my youngest is 10 and wears size for a 16 year old teen and my older son is 17 and he wears slim cut clothes:smile: both are 130 pounds.
    I need husky sizing for my youngest, Gap have great selection for him.
    My older son is more in to brand names right now, he loves to shop at Puma store, Nordies and sometimes at Lucky store.
  3. I also love buying clothes at Old Navy for my 11 yr. old son. He wears a size 8 jeans and has a very small waist, so finding jeans for him is so hard. He also has alot of Gap clothes. I can never find the right size jeans for him at Wal-Mart, so I usually just buy him shirts from there. JC Penny's is a great place too.
  4. My mom gets most of my brothers clothing from H&M,Jacardi, United Colors Of Bennetton,and Gap. He is 9 yrs old,and he is probably 4'9. He is fairly slim,he wears a size 12 for length,then my mom has to get his pants altered at the waist (his waist is a 8). I feel bad for him,he has the hardest time finding pants that are long,everything looks like high waters on him:roflmfao: . I used to have that same problem(my dad's 6'5). I highly recomend shopping at H&M for boys,there stuff is nicely designed,the quality for boys isnt that bad,and its affordable. :supacool:
  5. I love Target as well as Old Navy for my son's clothes. He is 9, and whenever home, I stock up on his play clothes there. Also, I have found some really cute stuff at Wal-Mart, believe it or not...and the cargo shorts that I bought him this summer have held up through all of his abuse!!
  6. When dh is in the US for business trips he always buys cloths for our almost 9 year who's tall like a 11 year ol and very skinny. He buys Osh K'osh (which is very expensive here), Timberland and Quicksilver and they look cool which is impotant to our son and last 3 months (he's always ripping the trousers). Here in Germany I love to buy Mason's, Diesel, G-star and Stone Island because of their superior quality, even Ben (son) can't rip the trousers so they last longer.
  7. I get a lot of clothes for my 6 yo at Nordstrom, Hanna Anderson, Gymboree. I'm not sure that Hanna or Gymboree goes up to size 10 in boys though. Nordstrom is great because they have slims as well as tall, which my son needs (he's a beanpole).
  8. my brother wears clothes mostly from gap or old navy
  9. I buy most of my childrens clothing from either the Nordstrom Rack, Gap, or Macys. At Nordstrom Rack I can get designer clothing at a great price. At the Gap I usually find great deals since their clothing goes on sale quite often. I love Gap clothing because they are made well and they have classic styles that are not too trendy. Macys always seem to have some kind of sale and when they do, the sale racks are filled with great deals.
  10. My son's a little out of your kids' age range---he's three. I buy pants from Old Navy (as they as they are the only ones that fit his potbellied shape) and shirts from Macys/various other places. Sean John, Phat Farm, and ENYCE. I particularly like ENYCE, because all of their shirts seem so durable.