Buying jumbo in Japan,Hk and BAngkok

  1. Dear all Chanel fans,

    I bought my jumbo recently from Japan and surprisingly the jumbo is cheaper than Singapore by $850 after tax refund. I have checked out the classic flap clutch with the chain that can be used as a shoulder bag and that is at $400 cheaper than Singapore too. Hence, likewise for the reissues as they are at the same price as classic. As for the rest of the bags, I checked out mademoisell but 10% more ex and wallets too.

    The SA told me that the last round when Chanel did a price hike, Japan was the only country who did not increase. Hence, that could be the reason why. So thought of sharing this piece of good news as many are under the impression that Singapore is the cheapest in Asia to buy Chanel.

    Since I am on this topic, HK is worth monitoring as you might be able to strike a good deal riding on currency fluctuations. I bought my classic small, GST and double wallet from there and it was 11% cheaper.

    In Bangkok airport, it's a 3% cheaper than Singapore as the price is before tax.
  2. Thank you for you info! :smile:
  3. Hi evelynlwy,

    Could you please let me know how much is the Jumbo flap in Japan Yen?

    Thanks in advance