Buying Jeans in NYC

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Can anyone recommend the best store for buying jeans? I'd prefer to be able to try on lots of different styles in the one place for the best comparison.


  2. Macy's!! Lots of price ranges and selection.
  3. Atrium (on bway near bleecker st, has huge hard to find, trendy names as well as the standbys, e.g. sfam and coh)
    Barneys (uptown or soho, but uptown has more selection)
    Saks (another huge selection, more mainstream though)
    henry lehr (prince and elizabeth, attentive sales ppl)
  4. if you're a boy, nom de guerre - 640 broadway, downstairs

    apc for the best jeans, period. 131 mercer in soho
  5. Ditto on Atrium!
    They carry a large variety!
  6. Thanks Ladies!
  7. There was an episode of What Not to Wear with a very short, petite, young woman who had major issues with jeans fitting. They sent her to a shop where you choose the style, jean color, detailing even the thread and custom make your jeans to fit your body. I told the DH that I wanted to hop on a plane the next day and go to that guy's shop. I can't remember the name of the shop but I want to go SO BADLY! Jeans are a nightmare for me!! :wtf:
  8. Cal, while you're in soho, goto the bloomingdales at soho 5th floor. They just got a TON of different jeans in. Henri Bendel on 5th ave is really good for jeans too.

    Have fun in NYC!
  9. prada psycho, there's a website for the custom jeans you saw on the "what not to wear" show.
  10. scoop.

  11. You can do that at Earnest Sewn in Meatpacking.
  12. Henri Bendel -- huge jean selection
    Barneys Co-op -- the one on Madison
  13. Barneys on madison! its no jokeee ...............jeans for days