Buying in the UK

  1. Hi Girls, I'd love to be able to purchase from the States and ship to the UK. I know (thanks to posts on here) that Neiman Marcus post to UK but I was wondering if there are any other trustworthy retailers and also if anyone is aware of taxes, hidden charges that might apply. Any help gratefully received. Thanks SS
  2. HI SS (same as me SS) - and welcome to the forum. I am a UKer as well!

    The taxes from the states are pretty bad at times especially if coming from a department store such as Neiman Marcus. Even if you check the customs rates on the uk government site there is no real hard and fast rules - sometimes you get charge £100 sometimes £500 so its a bit hard to take the risk at times. Sayin that I know a lot of people do it if there is a must have item that you want that is not here in the UK. There are however good UK sites such as Net-A-Porter and Browns online which when sales are on offer good deals.

    Good luck with your hunts!
  3. Thanks SS. I thought I'd probably get stung, shame though.