Buying In Paris

  1. Hello !! Please help. I am planning on going to Paris (I'm from England) and buying my first ever B bag. Are B bags any cheaper there? I like the City. Is this a good alrounder (I like to carry bags on my shoulder)? I also like blue colours. Which colours are available this year? I would be grateful for any advice as I've been drooling over the beautiful bags in this forum for months. I can't afford a collection so this bag has to be THE ONE.:tup:
  2. Hi and welcome!!! :welcome:
    I can't answer you on the question regarding French prices..I don't know if Bbags in France are cheaper than in the UK..
    As for the available colors of the current collection, you can take a look at the Reference Library thread "Color by season"!
  3. Thanks :tup: Anyone out there bought in Paris ? What style should a newbie go for? What is the classic B bag ? I'm all ears.:roflmfao:
  4. I bought two bags last year at Printemps (department store). I think the City is a great all-round bag, and a great first Bbag. It has a shoulder strap, and many people also find that the handles stretch out after a while enough to fit over the shoulder. I use my Cities for work as well.

    The Day is also a great shoulder style.

    You can also go to the Balenciaga boutique on Avenue George V.
  5. I do believe you'd be better off buying in Paris verses the UK. The price for a City in the UK is £705. Well, it was yesterday when I went to go visit my EB City at Harvey Nichols. Heehee! I was in Paris in December and I *think* the price of a City was something like 800 euros? I can't remember exactly, but with today's exchange rate, that's about £600. I'm sure there are threads on pricing in Paris under the Bal Shopping sub forum. HTH!
  6. the city Regular hardware is at 945 euros
    part-time Regular hardware 985 euros VS part time giant hardware 1235 euros
    work regular hardware 1045 euros
    twiggy RH 795 euros
    day RH 675 euros
    courier 725 euros
    hope this can help. :smile:
  7. I hope to buy in Paris one day!
  8. Thanks for all your help:ty:
  9. i wish i stopped by the store last time i was there.
  10. my twiggy was 795 Euro.
    Just try on the styles they have and they'll bring you all the colors they have =) wear it around the store =) I tried on bags for an hour before settling for my BG twiggy. good luck!
  11. how much is the first? and the coin purses?
  12. How much is the tax refund in Paris? :smile:
  13. I believe it is 12% for non-EU citizens.
  14. I really love the bleu glacier :drool:. Thanks for tips. What would you suggest as a good neutral colour (I'm not a black bag person -or gold/bronzes, need something very subtle).