Buying in Paris vs. North America

  1. First off, I am a total newb, and I have yet to buy my first pair of Louboutins. They are gorgeous, and I hope to get a pair sometime this year.

    I am wondering - is pricing different if you buy it in Paris vs. boutiques in North America (I'm in Canada, and the prices are insane here! Peeptoe platforms run about $900+).

    I am going to Paris in the fall and might save that big purchase for that trip.

    Can anyone guide me? Thank you!!!!
  2. I'm not sure about Canada, but for those in the US like me, it is cheaper for us to buy here. The exchange rate makes the shoes in Paris usually more expensive. Sorry, I hope someone from Canada can give you some advice. :push:

    Welcome to tPF btw! :flowers:
  3. I live in that said I think prices are about the same, certainly not cheaper over here. Here CL is only sold in CL shops as well as (only 3 pairs) in the DVF shop in Saint Germain. Oh eg simple VP's (closed peeptoe) are about 500 euros.
    I live in Provence and there are no CL shops here. Paris has a good selection but the Grenelle shop has mostly black, J. J. Rousseau has a bid more but the US selection is amazing.