Buying in London? Brexit pound/$

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  1. I thought people would be interested to know how they are handling the drop in the pound. They're giving you a choice to buy in US dollars or in the pound however they are valuing the pound at 1.395. So it would be £1270 with the pound or $1771 on the dollar.

    This is the St L GM with personalization (monogram and stripes)

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  2. It is officially 1.33 today btw
  3. When I bought my Voltaire at the Goyard boutique in London last November 2015, the option to pay in pounds or US dollar was there are well. You pay for exchange rate one way or another (using their exchange service or your credit card company's), it's just cheaper now vs the 1.50 pound to USD back in November.
  4. So best to buy in dollars or pounds today at those numbers?
  5. I think that depends on what your credit card company is charging for rate conversion. For convenience, I just paid in British pounds bc my credit card rate conversion was more favorable at the time. Regardless of which you decide on, the bag will still be cheaper buying in London than the US. I saved USD 500 buying in London with the Voltaire vs buying at the NY boutique.
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  6. Because of the VAT only?
  7. Don't forget tax refund too!
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  8. London price at time for Voltaire was 2000 pound which was USD 3000 at the time with conversion. The same bag in NYC at the time was around USD3400 before taxes. So as you can see, after NY taxes, it would be over $3600. Big savings. This is before VAT refund which I didn't bother with bc I was in a rush at Heathrow and didn't feel like waiting in line etc.
  9. How long should I tell him to allow at heathrow? Good point. Glad u mentioned it. Isn't VAT 20%?
  10. I'd allot at least an hour to get through the refund process, and LHR is very strict about the time you must go through security by. I missed it by 1 minute, and they wouldn't let me through. There have been times it's taken much less times, and there have been times I've nearly missed or did miss my flight. I always do the one before security so I can get my refund and check my items. I think the one after is usually shorter though. Also, keep in mind you don't receive the full VAT back.
  11. Hi-If I am in the States, how would I order from the UK? Through a department store or Goyard directly? I would like to take advantage of the lower exchange rates.

    If anyone has done this, what are the shipping costs. would you get the VAT removed and are there any other fees? I just want to order the St Louis in a special color (not sure on size yet!) Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. There is a processing fee so it's around 12% that you get back.
  13. Hoping I can knock out the VAT process before I check bags, but I suppose only time will tell. I know Heathrow is a busy busy airport!