Buying in different countries

  1. Does anyone know which countries have the cheapest Chanel? and how much cheaper?
  2. I would have to throw out a guess and say not Europe lol. I think US would be pretty okay if you can go to a city/state with no sales tax (not sure how that works really). All prices of Chanel are to my knowledge, universal, it just comes down to conversation rates.
  3. Is Chanel cheaper in Hawaii? I know some LV is. Why is LV cheaper there? Anyone know? My friend just got back and her azur speedy was $50 less. I'd be thrilled if that were also the case for Chanel :smile:
  4. i thought everything was more expensive in Hawaii? I remember the abercrombie there had higher MSRPs when i went few years ago...
  5. I just came from Hawaii and bought a GST, the price was the same, although the tax was only 4%. Hope this helps.
  6. I just came back from London and Chanel is still cheaper than US after the duty free (even though the GBP/USD coversion is crazy at the moment.):tup: