Buying in a store stock?

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  1. I'm thinking of purchasing my first louis..I am finially doing it:yahoo:!! My question is when I go to the store do they have a big selection or would it be better if I order online? I noticed before when I went in the store (I'll be going to the one in New Orleans) that it didn't look like there was a lot. Maybe they are all in the back though? Either way..Just wanted to ask you LV owners which is better for me to do- in store or online? I know I am going to want to go home with my new LV the day I get it.. I don't have the patience to wait! :P
  2. i dont think the stores carry everything as online so if u have a style in ur mind, check out the store if they have it :smile: sometime they can order it for u and u can check it out at the store after it arrives
  3. The New Orleans store usually has what I'm looking for unless it's a LE item. The one time they didn't have what I was looking for, they found one for me.
  4. Does anyone happen to know if bigger LV stores carry things that are not sold online? I have only visited 3 LV stores and found them rather small. I will be traveling next month and will visit some LV stores and was just wondering if I could expect something different than is offered online. Thanks gals..didn't want to start a new thread.
  5. I think some do.
    And when things are out of stock online, there may still be stock in some stores.
    Also, the bigger stores sell the fine jewellery which is never available online.
  6. online is good b/c sometimes if youre looking for something it may not be listed on the showcase/in stores but if you do a search it you might find it that way.
  7. I think you should call the store to see if they have the item in stock. If they don't, you should just buy it online.
  8. I've been to many LV stores that have had random items in stock that don't appear on the website (some of the products were discontinued, LE, etc.). It really varies. You might see some products that aren't online, but overall it's generally the same. Anything they don't have they can show you in the brochures as well and can always get it in for you or ship it to you.