buying Hermes from other places BESIDES Hermes

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  1. I hate to do it but I cant get what I want through the much over retail would you pay for any bag? do any of you buy used bags?
  2. Many here have purchased used bags, but whether new or used, it depends where you purchase it from that will determine what premium (if applicable) you would pay. Some resellers have a higher premium, whereas other resellers prices are slightly lower than retail. There are many great resellers on Ebay and brick and mortar resellers that are listed in the Hermes shopping section.
  3. At the peak of my H addiction, I must have my bags there and then, and I could not wait. And I was recommended Pete from Luxury Zurich. The rest is history. I get bags from both Pete and my store. But with my store, I order alot more things from them and it's not only about bags. Nowadays, if my SA says she can help me get what I like, I will wait. If she distinctly says that a particular colour/leather is not offered to the store for order, I will SOS Pete :heart:

    Pete's mark-up is what I can stomach. No more. For example, USD8,900 for a 30cm and USD9,900 for a 35cm. Please check the latest prices with him. Prices might have moved either way. These prices are through enquiry and not actual purchases recently.
  4. In the beginning...I did purchase from resellers and got both a good deal and then a couple of not so good deals - it really depends what you are comfortable with. I would still purchase through a reseller at this point if I was looking for a bag and wanted to pay LESS Than retail - but would no longer pay over retail - I don't think anyway!!

    BTW, maybe if you share what you're looking for we can all help you find it??!! You can always make an offer for less with a's worth a try IMO!
  5. ITA with Mrssparkles, Pete and Mario at Luxury-Zurich have been nothing but kind and helpful when I can't find something through the store.:yes:
  6. I have bought from two amazing resellers and could not have had a better experience if I had been collected by limo and taken directly to Hermes HQ! Seriously, it was right for me and turned out to be so much better than I hoped. Good luck.

  7. Which two resellers did you work with?
  8. I have bought bags from Pete & Mario (Luxury-Zurich) and Flossyfigaro on eBay (who is a member here). Both have been absolutely fabulous, their service is par excellence.
  9. I feel like this may be beating a dead horse...but SandiaExchange, SandiaExchange, SandiaExchange, and SandiaExchange...

    Not only is she below retail...her service/communication is superb
  10. NM has 2 stores that have Hermes boutiques within the stores. You never know, they might have what you are looking for...and of course POINTS.