Buying Goyard online

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  1. Dear all,
    I am planning to get myself a wallet from Goyard. Unfortunately, there aren't any stores in the country that I reside in or in the ten countries surrounding me :sad:
    I contacted the online store and their store manager replied with details of the wallets available with their "Euro" prices. I am a little nervous about this whole process since it is my first time... so I came here to seek some consolation that it is ok to buy online and I won't be cheated off my money. Has anyone done this before? What are the cons?
    Any help/advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. I have bought directly from the boutiques via email/phone in the US only, but others have purchased from the Paris boutique via email. The major issue that I foresee for you would be trying to return a defective product as Goyard has very strict policy in terms of returns, and it would be even harder to do so if you live in a country quite far from the nearest boutique. Quite frankly, some people have had trouble returning an item even when living in the same city as the boutique! Also, some people like to inspect the bags and wallets closely for defects and scratches before buying, and you obviously will not be able to do that purchasing via email. If you are one of those who need to see and inspect the product before purchase, then online purchase is not the best option for you. Good luck with the decision.
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  3. Thank you so much.
    They said if I had to return an nonpersonalised, I would have to ship it in my cost.
  4. I bought my Artois from Paris by emailing the store. There is no Goyard in my country too. The process was smooth and I TT the $ via online banking. The only issue is the amount quoted is without bank charges in Paris and I had to pay the extras by CC later. The total payment excluded VAT but included my country import tax & insurance. The staff was very nice and patience with all my queries and bag was packed very well with lots of padding and box was covered with waterproof plastic cover.
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  5. That’s wonderful! I am wanting to buy a miniaudiere. Can you please post the email address? Did u have to call them at any time or everything was via email and how long did shipping cost and take ?
  6. I contacted them via facebook and redirected to e-mail address. The whole process was done only by e-mail and it took nearly 1 month (+shipping). We had to discuss on 'customization' of the mandatory 3 additional letters at that time. The staff also helped me to track the package as the website seems confusing to me. It was a very pleasant experience dealing with her online.
    Shipping cost depend on your country + import tax & insurance.
  7. Thank you! I emailed the sh233 (or there scouts) email address and I haven’t got a response. I’ll try this one! Thanks again!
  8. Thank you so much for replying.
    I just got my wallet. It is amazing.
  9. My Goyard Varenne wallet in Black Goyardine. goyard 1.jpg goyard 3.jpg goyard 2.jpg goyard 4.jpg
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  11. Thank you
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