Buying - got to be able to feel first?

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  1. Hi all, in a break between sessions at a conference in Manchester, I found myself (by magic shopping time traveller machine) in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges accessories departments. I wandered through the departments and did something I have never really done before except when I wanted to buy a particular bag, I had a feel of all sorts of bags without the least intention of buying.

    I was amazed at the seductive softness of the Balenciagia bags and I have never considered them before as a structured, shape kind of person. I was thrown by the weight of the infamous Chloe padlock, I thought the Marc Jacobs quilted styles were unappealing but feeling the way they mould themselves to their original shape I was captivated. Then, as someone who has avoided LV for the logo-world associations, I stroked (yes, that is the only word) a few styles in Epi leather and was intrigued by its unique feel.

    I know Tano don't like to sell on-line because they claim buying one of their bags is a sensory experience and I had pretty much dismissed that as marketing speak, but as someone who mostly identifies a bag by its shape and design, then buys to order online or over the phone, the experience of being up close and personal to these bags changed all that.

    What do you think? Do you buy bags mostly for sensation or design? Are there some of you who will only buy what you have felt first? Has anyone had a similar experience to me and had their mind changed about a bag after seeing it in the 'flesh' so to speak?
  2. Oh Miss Sooky, head straight to Hermes and smell the togo leather... yum!!
  3. I'm a touchy-feely kind of person. Love to feel that leather first. Hard to do that on the internet........................
  4. I buy bags for the way they feel and the design. The Balenciagia bags are really lovely with their super soft leather and the amazing colours, but my heart belongs to Fendi spy bags the luxury of the beautiful soft nappa leather cannot be beat in my opinion and although the colours are not on the scale of Balenciagia bags, the spy colours are just to die for, plus the unique design
  5. I am slightly relieved that Hermes does not have an outlet here in Manchester, but they do in London and I pass it nearly every week . . .Do you think the police will put a restraining order on me in my own interests and those of my darling family?!

  6. :roflmfao: ...not if you're just going in for a quick togo sniff.....:P

    Where in London do you work? I worked for Imperial College for many years.
  7. I work at St George's, but go to Imperial often and used to be an external examiner there - maybe we admired bags across a crowded exam board?!
  8. Oh no, the city brochure I was flicking through at breakfast revealed there is a Hermes in Manchester - get me and my togo sniffing nose to that conference, stat!
  9. Wow, my husband worked at St George's for many years (we used to live in Wimbledon) and my first PhD student (she is now 40!) is now a research fellow at St G's. Small world!