buying gifts for SAs

  1. hey ,, does anybody know if were allowed to get our SAs gifts?? or is it against their policies?
  2. yes you are allowed to buy gifts for SA's. I know a few members have bought Godiva chocolates in the past :smile:
  3. yup I gave my SA godiva chocolates couple of occasions
  4. what about a chanel bag? do u think she will accept?
  5. WOW! I think I'm gonna go work at LV just so I can be your SA. :p
  6. Hmmm a bag seems excessive.. but if you truely want to get her that then go for it. Whatever you feel will express your thanks best is what you should choose, but maybe have it sent and tell her to open it after she leaves work?
  7. are you friggin kidding me?? naw I think that's too much
    just a little token of appreciation such as flowers, chocolates, edible arrangements like fruit baskets will do
  8. I also think that is way too much. Do it if its what you want to do, but I personally would not. I would think if you want to get them something, something edible, chocolates, gift certificate to a restaurant, would be nice. How about a spa gift certificate? I think a Chanel bag is entirely too much.
  9. i thought so too ,, but i know someone who gave his SA at Armani a Cartier watch!!!!! now even i think thats a bit much!
  10. unless you are harboring feelings a little more 'deeper' than gratuity, then no, I do not think you should give a Chanel....if you get my drift?
  11. WHOA. can i be your SA?! lol jk. but yea i agree on that being a bit much for your SA... BUT if you really want to get her that then i mean its your choice.
  12. HOLY CRAP I wish someone would buy me a gift because I'm their SA!!!! (then again, i don't work at LV...)

    Usually higher-up LV SA's, from what I understand, get a bag or two free a year, plus a discount, plus all the other perks. I think Godiva chocolates would be ideal; that's what someone got my manager at Coach once.
  13. I have given my PS a tiffany pendant.
  14. Personal shoppers are a bit different though aren't they, than SA's? IMO
  15. HOLY COW a Chanel bag, I dont know if she/he would accept it but thats an amazing gift