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Lady Tara

Mar 30, 2012
Peak District
Hi, I am looking to upgrade my wedding and engagement ring next year for my tenth anniversary. I live in the UK and where I live it doesn’t seem to be very common (in fact I don’t know anyone who has) to trade up!

I have found that most (if not all) of our high street jewellers have no idea about diamond quality (cut, clarity, colour) at all – all they sell on is size but the stones to me to look very poor. I have been to the “jewellery quarter” in Birmingham, but they are expensive, so I have started looking online, at Blue Nile, Good Old Gold, Whiteflash. The quality seems far superior to anything I can see in real life in the UK.

So, my question is, do you think I would be sensible to buy something like this and have it shipped?

My budget is £5,000 including tax when it comes into the UK.

I guess I’m nervous buying something that I can’t see until it arrives....

Thanks for reading :smile:


Mar 3, 2012
I agree that the large high street chains are not the place to go if you want quality, although Beaverbrooks have a good reputation. If you want knowledgable staff and quality stones you need to seek out an independent jeweller - check out to see who is near you.

Alternatively, make a trip to London and visit Hatton Garden - more diamonds than you can shake a stick at.


Feb 5, 2013
Check out
They are all about diamonds & diamond education. There are some great online retailers like Whitflash, goodoldgold, etc that provide excellent customer service for remote/ online buyers.

I think you will get a better deal online than B&M. And return policies should ease your fears regarding satisfaction.
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