Buying from the UK:sooo long, tired of waiting . . . .

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  1. I purchased a Speedy from UKDesigner Items and the process is taking so long --

    I purchased it (Ebay) on Thursday 3/30. This is a MyPoupette seller so at least I feel comfortable with authenticity. But this seller doesn't take Paypal, so I had to go to the bank and order an International Money Order (surprise: this cost $25!). Had to wait a couple of days for this to come through. Mailed the IMO on April 4. Got a response that it was received a week later on April 11. But, they waited a over a full week for the funds to clear! (even though it was a MO and not a personal check) So, the bag was dispatched on April 19. It could be two weeks or more til I get it -- and then I will need to pay customs!

    I'm sure all will be well when it finally gets here -- may-be by Mothers Day with a little luck? But I would advise against buying abroad, especially for something like a Speedy which are easy to find in the US.
  2. Kick some ass and demand to know the status of YOUR bag? No excuse for laziness, as an example I mailed a setlist to NZ in 10 - DAYS!

    Good luck (Chandi in London!)

  3. Well, the bag has been received by Royal Mail and is "in processing" for the trip from UK to USA. I have a tracking number. I'm not angry at the seller, as this is their process -- just surprised, and chagrined.
  4. A money order can be cashed straight away within mins .. why did that take so long :amuse:

  5. Maybe the seller just want to play safe because nowadays, MO can be forged and there're few cases that USPS Money Orders are faked :hrmm:

    Scary.... :cry:
  6. I've heard of that, too. I think when dealing with Ebay, everyone's best bet seems to be paypal. I hope you get your bag soon. I hate waiting.
  7. If it's been sent through Royal mail global priority it shouldn't take too long. Parcel Force international (for heavier items) seems to take much longer! Normally I hear from my buyers that they've received it after a week of it being sent.