Buying from the LV store=trite action

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  1. Before all the LV fakes uncontrollably came about, I always loved Louis Vuitton and would go crazy over it. Now, i'm less interested in it. I still love their designs however i believe LV in general is so overrated. I recognize that it's very popular so they raise their prices. Shopping at LV isn't what it used to be. Now, I say "why bother, everyone is going to think it is fake anyways!" In fact, I'm willing to be that the majority of LV bags being used right now are fake. What do you think?
  2. A lot of people think the same way you do - everyone will think it's fake, so why bother spending the money? But in my opinion, it's not what others think, it's what you think. I love LV bags, I think they are classics that last forever when well taken care of, and have been around for decades. I'm not a fan of the Multicolore line, but I love the monogram and damier canvas. Oh, and I love the Suhali line. The bags are gorgeous!

    Also, something to think about if you think others will think it's fake. If it's real, you know it and those who know LV and their handbags will know it. I've become very good at spotting fake LVs over the last few months. It's kinda fun :lol: It's the "Spot the Fake Handbag" game!
  3. It's very easy to spot the fakes. Sometimes i say to myself,"what are you carrying??!!!" I mean some are so obvious. What really bothers me is that some people don't have the common sense to research. They assume just because the seller says it's authentic that the bag will be authentic. Also, there are a lot of well made fakes out there so it takes a real good eye to identify it as fake.
  4. This is why besides my luggage and totes, I do not carry the traditional monogram. I hate fakes and they are so over copied. I buy the unique/special/hard to get/never even make it to the store LV bags- I like to get what no one else can. And fakes are rarely made of these bags- and if they are they do not come close to looking real.
  5. did you know that some fakes are produced before the real ones even come out? and selling fakes is illegal and i've read that if you buy a fake, you are supporting terrorism...
  6. I too LOOOOVE LV! Unfortunately the monogram canvas is copied so frequently. At one point I did consider moving to another high end designer b/c of the frequent copying but I'm not going to leave a brand I love b/c some choose to carry fakes. "I" know its real although today I saw a Speedy with metal feet on the bottom and thought WTF! Why even bother carrying my authentic. In the end I will stick with LV b/c of the reason mentioned above.
  7. This is actually what I thought about and am leaning towards. I love a lot of designer bags that are rarely copied. Some are really exquisite and breathtaking too! :love:
  8. yeah, same here. i would never buy a monogram canvas lv. mainly because there are so many fakes out there, but also because i think the bags look ugly once the trimming darkens.
  9. I'm a fan of the monogram canvas, and the Damier. I don't mind once the leather darkens on the mono's, I guess because I'm an old horsewoman and like the look of leather once it's been broken in. I have 3 mono's, am waiting on the Damier speedy to become available, and have a few more mono's on my wish list (wallet, luggage, Luco tote). I think it's a classic look, and I mostly shy aware from trends. I'm not a gazillionaire, so when I spend good money on bags, I want to know that I'll be carrying them for years or even decades. But everyone has their own taste; that's what makes it fun (and this board so interesting!) :biggrin:

    And who cares if some people think your bag is fake? If you know it's real, that's what matters. But again, chacun a son gout.
  10. Love Love LV Mono and always will. I have far too much appreciation for the brand, its history, durability, etc. to allow the fact that its copied profusely to keep me away from it!
  11. all the fakes is what has stopped me from purchasing an LV thus far, but i know i will eventually. gotta pay for the paddy, then get a black bag (probably a gucci horsebit hobo), then a balenciaga, then probably an LV Deauville.

    it's not high up on the list, but it's there, which is more than it has been in the past.
  12. I buy bags for their quality and style, not because they are by certain designers. So it doesn't matter if the other people are carrying fakes, it's their problem, not mind. I guess that also explain why I don't understand people buy fakes to pretend they can afford one even they simply like the design (but this has been discussed extensively in another threads). But referring to some of you, there are fakes for every single designer bags out there, not just LV, so does it mean we have to stop buying luxury bags altogether and compromise to the illegal manufacturers? The Chinese are amazing at doing that, they have even different quality level of fakes. I was in China for a couple of days few weeks ago, it was amazing what they can do, paddy, spy, bayswater, kelly, balenciaga...everything. That's why I'd stir away from any ebay sellers from China...hehe...Of course I am not saying there is no real stuffs in China, there are many top of the top designers having flag shops there (they are the new rich). I think I'd better stop here, I am diversing majorly...should just go to bed.