Buying from the discount bins at Nordstroms?

  1. I was at Norstroms today and looked at the discount bin. They had great bags. Jimmy Choo that were $1,800 and are now $1,100, Marc Jacobs, stuff like that.
    But I felt strange looking in the discount bin though.
    Any thought on buying from there? Good idea or lame?
  2. What do you mean by "bin"? Did you have to lean down and stick your head in some barrel type of container? I'm trying to get a visual.

    If it was simply a counter with a jumble of bags I would say grab a deal and nevermind their low marketing tech.
  3. A counter with a jumble of bags. Some of them fell on the floor as I looked at them because they were so packed in there.
  4. Wow, that's not how I would treat an $1,100 bag.....but you could "rescue" one, eh?
  5. I would get it if it's in good condition. but bags falling on the floor doesn't sound like they would be in good condition if ppl happen to walk by and trample over them.
  6. I was at Nordstrom's last weekend and I too saw alot of sale bags just piled in a heap..some of them were very expensive too!! People were just throwing them around...what a nightmare!

  7. They looked nice, and there was a salesperson there who promptly picked them up, but it felt a little odd to me. When you spend that kind of money I just think they should be in a beautiful shiny display case.
  8. Which Nordies did you see the JC bags?:yes:
  9. If you do see something you like in there, I would check it over thoroughly before buying. If it's been just piled up on a table, it could be scratched. If it's in good shape, I say go for it!
    I don't understand putting such expensive bags in a pile on a table like that. At least perhaps hang them on wracks!
  10. I have bought Coach off of the sale tables but I have never seen any deals for anything higher than Marc Jacobs and those I was not impressed with.

    Go for it just check it's in tip top shape first. And remember some of these hots bags on a sale table may be xmas returns.
  11. Nothing wrong with that! I just got a $1400 Chloe from one of those tables. If it's a nice bag, in good shape, and you can get a good deal, why not? :yes:
  12. This is my take... If you want a "deal"--you can't expect that the bag be displayed in a pristine display case. A display case is "high-end real estate" for most retailers and they're going to put their full-priced bags in there instead of the sale bags. The sale tables are there so that merchandise moves.
  13. DITTO!!!!!!
  14. If you feel ashamed then don't do it, just go to Nordstrom Rack. Everything there is discount things, the exact stuff that Nordstrom has.
  15. I had no idea that Nordstrom RACK was the outlet.

    Def gonna have to hit it up this weekend! :smile: