Buying from overseas

  1. I'm drooling over several items from let trade and I've made up my mind to get one, but I'm afraid of the amount of time it takes to arrive (10 - 14 days!) and customs fees. I live in the USA and have usually avoided overseas sellers because of this. I looked at the US customs website and from what I can tell there's a 4% tax on handbags, but there's another option listed that's a 35% tax rate. Yikes! :nuts:

    Has anyone in the US had experience with this? Please help!
  2. Lots of girls from the Lv board have ordered from Let-Trade and usually the bags don´t go to customs, some have though. He marks the items as gift and used handbag so basically they shouldn´t go to customs.
  3. where is the LV board? I was on there earlier but I can't find it now...:shrugs:
  4. nevermind.. found it :smile: