Buying from mypoupette???

  1. How do you feel about it? I know some say that they gouge the prices, but if its reasonable why not?? I also read that if the bag comes from Singapore that it has a really strong smell to it, can you get the smell out?? Sorry for like the 4 billion questions. I'm pretty new and confused.. :sweatdrop: Thanks!
  2. If the price is right then I say why not go for it if its something you want. I have had great luck with the MPRS.

    To get smells out I make a muslin bag and fill with cat litter and put in the bag and then close that up in a box..... the cat litter usually absorbs the smell really well within about a week.
  3. Well, you can ask them about the smell before finalizing your purchase. I'm sure not all of them will have that kinda smell... JMHO... :P