Buying from Mulberry store rather than outlet

  1. Ok, so I'm after a black Antony but cannot get to an outlet ( I know sarajane is going to have a look for me though when she goes) but i will be going to London next Friday for the day and does this sounds nuts- but i just love the idea of going into the Mulberry store - trying on a few different bags and making a purchase. I've always bought over the net or on the phone from an outlet before! Do i sound strange?????? What's the customer service like in the store? Am i likely to encounter snotty young SA's? Which store would you recommend?
    - or should I just keep trying the outlets?? Advice:shrugs:
  2. I've never bought from a Mulberry store either - always the outlets over the phone, or the NAP sale. I know what you mean, I likethe thought of going into the shop and trying out all the bags - it would feel so decadent and luxurious! I have no experience of Mulberry SAs in person. Good luck and let us know if you get anything!
  3. My only experience is the NYC Madison Ave store. Customer service was perfect. I only had ten minutes to spend and was looking for accessories.

    It was wonderful to look and pick up some bags that I had dismissed on the internet. Have fun shopping.
  4. I went into the Knightsbridge Mulberry shop....they were so lovely encouraging me to try on bags even though I told them I was only looking from the beginning.I decided that if I was buying I would buy there instead of Harrods a few doors up.
  5. I found the sa's in Manchester a bit snotty the first time I went in,next time an sa recognised me and was thoroughly pleasant!! I think it can poss be who you get,but if you are'nt quite enamoured with the one serving you just say 'I'll carry on browsing while I make my descion' until a different one comes free,but I think as soon as you show any seriouness to buy they will be falling all over you.

    Or a good trick I learned,be bold,go up to a really expensive bag,turn to DH say 'you know I keep seeing this bag,I love it,should I get it today,or somewhere nearer home, the girls in my Mulberry store know me really well now and they might be a bit upset if I did'nt get it through them,what do you think?' your DH once you have told him beforehand what you are up to will turn round and say 'no,wait and get it from nearer home', say this near an SA and you'll get red carpet treatment!!! Works for me on loads of different stuff!!! Then jjust casually say 'oh,I'll just take this for now then' job done!!
  6. I find if they think you are there to buy you will indeed receive the red carpet treatment , its only when they think you are timewasting or do not have enough money to buy that sometimes you can indeed receive a frosty greeting !!
  7. The people at Madison in NYC is very nice. They're not pushy at all.
  8. I would personally not go to the Brompton Road one, but go to the Bond Street one. Bond Street has a better selection, in my opinion, and if you want to keep the tags for your bags, Brompton Road won't let you, whereas Bond Street will.
  9. On all but one visit I found the staff at the Bond St branch very pleasant & helpful. They've authenticated bags for me in the past and even once gave me written confirmation that a Jacquetta I'd bought on eBay was a fake:yucky:. Over the years I bought quite a few things in the store and enjoyed both browsing and spending there:yes:.

    The one less postive experience I had there was when I took back a Patent Mabel (purple). I desperately wanted the bag and had been on a waiting list to get it, but from trying on other Mabels I knew that it wasn't really the bag for me because I couldn't comfortably wear it on my shoulder. I still went ahead and bought it though. Brought it home, stared at it alot, pranced about in the mirror with it over the crook of my arm, had a Titanic struggle getting it on to my shoulder:push: and then packed it back up to be returned.

    The manager at Bond St who did the return asked why I'd brought it back and when I told her the reason she said that it WAS a shoulder bag, most people could use it in that way and insinuated that the problem was with the size of my arms (i.e.too fat...which they're not really) rather than with the bag:cursing:. She also said that the fashion du jour was to wear bags on the arm instead of the shoulder ( rubbish...and who cares about 'the fashion du bloody jour' anyway), intimating that I was somehow behind the times:cursing:. She then gave me the refund anyway, so I don't know what the purpose of the lecture beforehand was all about:shrugs: (apart from attempting to make me feel like a numpty).

    I actually found the whole incident quite amusing :lol:(like something out of Ab Fab) but I'd definitely avoid being served by that woman again ( unfortunately I can't remember what she looked like to pre-arm you but I do remember she was middle aged and spoke with a European accent...possibly Italian ?)
  10. Ooo,I think I would have lost it!!! If it does'nt fit the purpose it was sold for,you are entitled to your money back!!!! fashion du effing jour!!! I would have told her to eff right off!!!!!! If someone insinuted something pyhiscally about me was at fault,in no uncertain terms tell them they should revise their customer skills!!!! That is downright rude!!! And anyway if the have a refund policy its not up to snotty sa's to question customers,plus if it was a waiting list bag,they should have been gracious,taken it back,polished it and get back on the shelf pronto!!!
  11. I've been to the Mulberry shops in Edinburgh and Glasgow and the Mulberry concession in House of Fraser Birmingham. In my experience at the particular times I was in these stores I found the Edinburgh shop very 'look but don't touch, unless you have the money to buy', however the smell of the leather was deliciously overpowering. I found the Glasgow store very friendly (been in twice now) and although I didn't buy on my first trip they were chatty and got items out for me to have a look at even although I told them I had no intention of buying (one of the items being the dog collar and lead which would have come to £80 :wtf: and I had absolutely no intention of even considering), the second time I visited Glasgow I did buy and the staff once again were lovely and happily let me haul stuff off the shelves and prance about the shop with various bags on my shoulder. I found the staff in the HofF concession in Birmingham lovely too, I bought there as well and they quite happily got all their stock of the bags I was interested in out of the stock room and let me choose exactly which leather I liked the look of. I know what you mean though as I couldn't help but think when I bought Mulberry from HofF that the whole experience would have been more decadent if it had been a proper Mulberry store! :smile:
  12. I went into the Bond Street shop on the 22nd, it was very quiet and all the assistants bar one were lovely. I looked like a right mess that day but was carrying another Mulberry and that smoothed the way I'm sure. I tried on most bags and a dress. The only problem was when I tried a snakes skin smithfield (£695 before the sale) and the shop assistant was practically on top of me and indicating to the man at the door to be aware of me and my elderly father. I laughed at her and said 'do you think I look like a shop lifter my love because if so I'd like to speak to your manager now!' . She backed off but we left immediately after as I was soooo angry.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gets my goat that!!! You walk in the shop practically carrying a weeks wages for one of those sa's and they have the nerve to pull sh*t like that!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Think I'll go to the Brompton store first as I'm going to be over that way anyway as want to have a browse around harrods and harvey nichols. Will report back what treatment I get. i'll be carrying my bayswater I expect so hopefully that'll smooth the way!!!
  15. Definitely pop into Harvey Nicks first as they had reduced the Antony to £117 online before selling out. They may have them instore and, with the money you save, you could get yourself a little trinket (keychain or whatever) from the Mulberry store. Once they've packaged it up for you, ask for a large carrier bag as well (to stash your Harvey Nicks purchase ;))