Buying from and Returning?

  1. Ok i know i read somewhere on one of these huge ole posts that someone bought several bags from in order to pick out their print placement...Can I do that and then just return it to a macy's store? Is that allowed? I'm still on the search for my perfect Amore Campeggio~!

    i actually found my perfect one but don't wanna pay over retail for it...
    see how it has the koi fish and sea dragons all nice on top?! yah i want that!!

    so i was thinking of taking my chances and purchasing several amore campeggios in hopes of getting my bag!

    i just wanna know if i'm able to return everything to a store instead of wasting money on shipping it back to them!
  2. I work for Macys...and yes you can return from online. The website says "Returning a purchase
    Take the merchandise, the invoice (with bar code attached) that came with your order and the original packing materials to any Sales Associate to process your exchange or return. You'll receive a credit to the original tender (e.g. major credit card). "

    return it to my store so I can check them out too! lol
  3. will they give me the stink eye for returning like 6 bags?! lolz...what store do you work at? hahaha
  4. Tokidoki's sell fast, so they probably won't have a problem re-selling them. I work in MN
  5. i recently returned 6 bags and had no problem at all. i even returned them to a store that doesn't even carry tokidoki!!! it's totally the way to go when they offer free shipping and then 20% off on top of it!!
  6. stink eye.. LOL bubblesung, are you from Hawaii? :lol:
  7. lol yah i'll be expecting an extremely large package from macy's then! lolz hopefully i'll be able to find my right bag! n i'll be helping out the macy's stock too! hahaha everyone wins.!!!

    and i'm not from hawaii though i wish i was! i'm from the bay area in california =)
  8. hehe, that was me. I ordered 4 zuccas and 4 portatelefonos and I'm only keeping 2 out of the 8 and prob gonna return the other 6 as I hate eBay! I mean I could try and sell them. do you guys think L'Amore zuccas are rare?
  9. imo i think zuccas in general are rare... cuz they never carried in our stores here on Guam and Hawaii!
  10. I've actually been seeing a lot of pirata and adios zuccas but nothing of anything else... oh and one fumo but thats it so i think they're pretty rareish
  11. the prob is that I only got 20% off them then paid 8.25% tax, so by the time I list them on eBay, pay for the listing fees/final value fees/paypal fees, I break even unless they sell for over $200 but then why would someone pay MORE than what retail costs?? SO is it really worth it??
  12. i'd say just return em to macys so you don't lose any friend however is looking for an amore zucca with the koi fish n lattes on the front!
  13. Try craigslist I've seen some tokidokis on's not as "secure" but you could meet people at a mall or somewhere in public to exchange. Just a thought...I would buy one off CL if it were a good deal
  14. yeah I've done furniture and cell phones on CL but it's become sorta scary. I see reports on TV that bad people are using CL as a means to meet unsuspecting people and hurt or rape or rob them.

    The last time I sold a cell phone, I met them at my local mall. I just sold a bunch of furniture about 2 weeks ago but I only sold to locals here in my area so that was good.

    I never thought to put them on CL, hmmm thanks!
  15. That's what I was hoping to do this week to get a better print placement on my adios stellina. Its a way way long shot but.....what the heck? And whatever I return, somebody in my macy's might get one since they aren't sold anywhere here! So, I figure I'm helping spread the toki love.