buying from

  1. I m wondering that is the sell the real deal?

    i mean it looks very trustworthy, but dont wanna take a risk .....thank you ;)
  2. pleaseeee anyone , really wanna know that should i buy from this website .....many thanx
  3. Nuibe, if you make a search about "Diabro" on the forum, you'll find tons of messages about this subject. As far as I know, the vast majority of experiences with Diabro has been very positive. I purchased myself a Balenciaga bag from them a couple of weeks ago and, despite the eeeexcellent price, the bag turned out to be authentic and beautiful (cfr. Before purchasing I had also read reviews of Diabro on other forums, and everybody agree that they sell only authentic merchandise. There has been an incident months ago with a Fendi bag, if I recall correctly, that turned out to be supposedly fake, but I am only a passer-by in the Fendi forum, so I don't know the details of what happened.
    For me, the shopping experience was incredible. Their customer care is very nice, shipping is incredibly fast... I cannot recommend them enough!
  4. wow!! thanks a lot Fraublucher, i m sure will be there customer very soon.
  5. ^^^ Yes as stated Diabro is the real deal. I haven't heard any complaints from anyone on tpf.
  6. Yes, Diabro is legit, and they ship fast too.