Buying from Germany - Is there any Duty for US Buyers?

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  1. Does anyone know if I have to pay any Duty buying from Germany? The item is about $1500, the Seller would declare its exact value only. If yes, how much? Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. i think the tax value is differs in every country.
  3. i'm not from states so i can't help in this :P

    good luck :smile:
  4. Yes I would think you do
  5. Thanks, guys! Have any US Buyers here purchased from Germany before? Any idea how much of a percentage Duty might be for about $1500?
  6. Yes, you would absolutely have to pay. It doesn't matter where it's coming from - it matters where it's going TO.

    From this website: Internet Purchases -

  7. Thanks so much for the link, lamiastella! I'm going to take a good look at it! :flowers:
  8. I had stuff shipped from Italy and didn't have to pay anything...I didn't even see a customs form on the envelope (unlike when my Mom ships me stuff from Canada).
  9. I bought from Germany once. an Old MJ bag.... i didn't have to pay duties.... so maybe the persond declared it as a gift? I dont even know... we didn'tspeak the same language ...
  10. Thanks twigger & Luna! The Seller wouldn't declare it as a gift and would only declare its exact value. In view of that, I bought a couple of things totalling $550 (instead of the $1500 bag I was thinking of). They should be arriving soon, I'll see whether I get "dutied" or not. Hopefully not! :smile:
  11. Yes, you absolutely have to pay custome taxes. We import Carbotti handbags from Italy and the rate is 9%. I have no idea what Germany is. You can ask the company personally are go to the UPS website. UPS will bill you seperately not the company you buy from. The bill will come a few weeks after you get the item. Customes also goes through most merchandise and will confescate (Spelling????) any fakes. They have gone through everything we import which amazes me how many fakes get through.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up, handbags_4u! :flowers:


    Received my bags from Germany a few days ago. So far, I haven't had to pay any Duty yet. The bags (just small little bags for make-up & stuff like that) totalled about $550 (not including Shipping), maybe it's not substantial enough to charge me Duty. I'm hoping the bill won't come later!

    Shipping was very high for me, $80 for both bags. That was my fault - the Seller charges a Flat Shipping Fee of $40 per bag. She would have Combined Shipped, but I didn't buy the second bag until after she has shipped the first one. I certainly don't want to buy another 10% for Duty! :sad:
  13. That's good news. I just received something from Greece totalling around $320 and didn't get charged anything.
  14. Thanks, great to know that! :flowers: I'm more opened to buying Overseas now, here's a list of some of the purchases I made Overseas, maybe someone will find this useful! (I've added Greece in there, twiggers!)

    (This does Not include web sites like" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter...etc.)

    This list is for reference Only, Duty varies depending on the item, the amount of purchase, whether it's for commercial use...etc. (PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THE LIST)

    Canada - $1000 Purchase - $58 Duty
    France - $450 Purchase - No Duty
    Germany - $550 Purchase - No Duty
    Greece - $320 Purchase - No Duty
    Hong Kong - $600 Purchase - No Duty
    Japan - $1000 Purchase - No Duty
    UK - $400 Purchase - No Duty
  15. I buy from the U.S. all the time from Switzerland, and I've had to pay duties almost every time, it's about 8 percent.