Buying from eLuxury and Australian customs

  1. G'day (just so you know I'm Australian),

    Are there any ladies here from Oz who have experience of buying LV from eLuxury? I'm thinking of buying an epi Jasmin (if ever I can decide between the red and the ivory) and remember reading somewhere that purchasing an item over AU$1K will attract customs duty. Does anyone know how that works - if the handbag comes through the mail, do they send it to you with a bill for the customs amount plus GST? Or do they hold the bag somewhere until you've paid? Can you pay the customs duty online? I'd just like to know what to expect before taking the plunge. TIA for your advice.
  2. Unfortunatily eLuxury will not ship outside of the US... :sad:
  3. Okay, thanks for that ... now I'm thinking, I have family in the US, and family here who usually visit the US family at Christmas. So maybe I could order one to be sent to the folks in the US ... and the people who live here, who'll be travelling to the US at Christmas, could bring my Jasmin back with them. Just wondering if that would mean I'd avoid customs and taxes entirely ... would be :yahoo:if I did.
  4. If you use your bag as you come through customs and don't tell them you bought it when you were away you wont need to pay...;)
  5. ... Or they could just send it to me marked "gift" ...
  6. Yes, I was thinking something like that. I'm not planning on going to the US in the foreseeable future tho so I'm thinking maybe my SIL could carry it back for me, or post it as a gift.
  7. yep if it comes through aussie customs and is worth over 1000$ (i think, cant remember if its exactly 1000$) youll have to pay the GST. Sometimes they hold things and have them valued so even if it is markd gift, if your unlucky you may have to pay. Also if your coming into australia you are supposed to declare if you have over a certain amounts worth of new goods, so they can charge GST, but i think its pretty easy to just go through and they wont pick you up about it.
  8. Wow, that's pretty mean. Makes me wonder if they'd still do that if it really was a gift, like all wrapped up with a bow and a birthday card. I've been lucky so far ... bought a diamond ring and the seller sent it marked "watch parts - not working" and valued at $50. :roflmfao: Boy was I lucky they didn't open that one!
  9. it's quite risky marking down the value if it goes missing you will only getinsurance for the value marked not the actual value
  10. I bought an LV bag overseas but my mum placed it in the suitcase so I didn't technically use it whilst coming through through customs and I wasn't charged tax (bag was over $1000). Guess I was lucky, hehe.
  11. :yes:

  12. Wow what a great idea!!! I love it!!
  13. Hi PinkCupcake, i'm in Melbourne and have bought a lot of items from the U.S. The customs limit is 1000$ AUD. The way to pay any customs duty depends on the shipping method used. If it's sent directly to you in the mail, your parcel will be held at the post office, and a letter sent to you. You then pay at the post office when you pick it up. If your purchase is sent via a courier (fedex etc.) and it's over the limit, you will be contacted by the courier's customs broker about taxes and customs duty. The broker can calculate the GST and other taxes for you for a fee, pay for you, then mail you a bill afterwards. The broker fee can be quite steep though (around 150$). You can deal directly with customs and avoid it. The best thing to do is to go to the customs website ( and estimate the total charge, or give them a call and describe what you're buying, to see if there might be an added tax (for some luxury items). Keep a copy of your payment handy, as customs uses a daily rate of exchange to convert to the dollar. A slight change in the exchange rate can push your item over the limit if it's close by the time it's arrived. It happened to me and it was a shock! All I had to do though was email customs a copy of my payment to prove I had paid less than 1000$ AUD, and it was delivered free of tax. Good luck with what you decide!