Buying from Ebay using credit card

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  1. Recently I made a purchase in Ebay using credit card. It's my first time doing it and I wonder why the seller don't accept Paypal. I thought it was rude to ask her so could anyone enlighten me? One of the reason I could think of is the fees incur from Paypal. Is there other reasons I'm not aware of? Thanks in advance.
  2. So, how did you go about paying then ? did you just give the seller your card details ?
  3. She also might have a bad debt with Paypal. Check eBay policies on what forms of payments get you covered under their protection in case of issues. I think it's MoneyBookers and there are several others too. Good luck!
  4. Because she wants to scam you. I would NEVER give someone my credit card number on ebay. Always Always use paypal -- I KNOW they charge way too much but right now it's your best way to be protected.
  5. I don't think you'll have the same buyer protection than if you paid by PayPal, I would never pay for an Ebay item without using PayPal. Hopefully when your item comes it will be just as described with no issues. I think your seller does not take PayPal so she can avoid the fees and she knows she will not have to deal with a buyer dispute if you are unhappy with your item.

    Good luck!


  6. Where does the credit card number go then? Does this go through ebay or is this for sellers who have a credit card machine?
  7. Per the 2nd link that I posted prior...

    Merchant credit card
    How does it work? Sellers can accept credit card payments to their Internet merchant account directly through eBay checkout by signing up for a Payflow payment gateway account. This is a free service for eBay sellers. Buyers pay immediately using the Pay Now button. Payments are securely and instantly processed online from eBay checkout through Payflow. The seller never sees the buyer's credit card number. Sellers receive an email telling them they've been paid and they know they can ship the item.
  8. ^^^ Are the fees the same as paypal?
  9. From the same link

    Do I pay a fee? Yes and no. While the Payflow payment gateway is a free service for eBay sellers, your bank or merchant credit card processor will charge you the usual per-transaction fees and a percentage of the total amount charged by the buyer.

    • Depending on your credit card processing agreement and your monthly transaction volume, Internet merchant account fees may be higher than fees for PayPal, ProPay, Moneybookers, and Paymate. If you don't have an Internet merchant credit card account already, take a look at your options before signing up for this service. If you haven't needed a merchant account up to now, you'll probably pay less per transaction by using one of the other payment options.
  10. Some sellers have complained about the fees incurred with Paypal and a 30 day waiting period to withdraw funds, as i've been told by other sellers whom i've inquired as to why they don't accept PayPal.

  11. Oh, silly me - I shoudl read - thanks =)
  12. WELL.. I wasn't going to say anything...:P:biggrin:
  13. Thank you ladies for your reply. I paid through Googlecheckout. There was a link that leads me to the payment process. I thought it was the lower fees which made the seller use Google. I have not received my item and I'm holding my breath that everything will turn out fine. I have read through the feedback by her buyers and it has all been positive. Hopefully I'm right. Yah I think I'm not protected if I don't pay through Paypal. :sad:
  14. No ma'am you are not protected expect by your CC.