Buying from department stores...

  1. If I buy something Coach from Macy's, will they just put it in a Macy's bag or will they put it Coach packaging? I want to go get a mini skinny but I want to get a box and all :biggrin:
  2. It comes in a Macy's bag.
  3. Yeah, Macy's bag. If you order off you can get complimentary gift wrapping! I always get my orders wrapped! It's so fun to open!
  4. when i bought something from Nordstroms they put it in a Nordstroms but put the bag in a dust bag then wrapped that in coach tissue paper and they wrapped the Nordstroms box in this bow it was real pretty haha
  5. Nordstrom's is the best! I love them! Wish we had one close by!
  6. im so lucky my closest is like 45 min thats a blessing to me bc i live in the middle of nowhere
  7. I bought several items at Dillards recently and asked for gift boxes and they were happy to give me the Coach brown boxes with Coach tissue paper. They didn't have any ribbon but the SA wrapped everything inside the box - and it's going to my RAOK buddy. . .
  8. So if I ask for a gift box then I should get a box if they have them?
  9. yes if they have them they will give them to you. and ive heard stories where they go all over tarnations looking for you a box haha
  10. Hehehe, I can't see the SA's at my Macy's really making an effort at finding me a box...they're very elderly :p

    Hopefully they'll just have a box.

    I think I'll try and go get it tomorrow...
  11. really? does macy's give the box if you ask them? i havent tried that before.. coz most of the time they put it in their bag
  12. I don't think they have Coach boxes. They have always given me bags wrapped in Coach tissue paper and packaged in a plastic bag and then placed in a Macy's bag. The Coach stores do wrap stuff in tissue paper, box, ribbon and place stuff in a multi-stripe Coach bag. This has been my experience...
  13. They don't have coach boxes. You're lucky if they have a dustbag for it. Back when I was big on Dooney and Burke, they took a coach dustbag out of one of the bags for my purse.
  14. ugh! really? that kinda sucks! don't dooney and burke have their own dustbags?!
  15. Only the leather handbags (nile, glove, etc.), not the signature or IT styles.