Buying from Chanel in Paris when I'm in London?

  1. I was hoping someone might be able to answer my question...I'd really like to get a jumbo white caviar flap and was thinking about trying to get it in France. I'm based in London, but I have a friend who lives in France, so I was thinking I could perhaps call one of stores in Paris, buy over the phone, and have them send the bag to my friend. I'd then wait until she comes to visit next time or I go to her (delayed grown-up!). I figure this way I could beat the September price rise, and save some pounds thanks to the bag being a little bit less expensive in France.

    Do you think a shop assistant would sell me a bag over the phone, take a UK credit card for the purchase, and send the bag to my friend in France? It seems a little convoluted, and I know if I was a shop assistant I'd probably be a bit like "You wanna do what?" :p

    Any input would be greatly appreciated! :tup:
  2. Hi. I'm in the UK too. The problem you're likely to encounter is that they will only ship to the billing address associated with your card. I'm sure they'd send it straight to you instead and there'll be no duty or VAT cause it's an EU import. I just ordered a bag from the US and shipping cost roughly £25 so from France it'd probably be cheaper and as Selfridges, H Nicks etc charge £10 for UK posting, that's not such a bad deal!

    Good luck!
  3. I tried to do this when I was looking for my expandable flap. I called the main boutiques in Ave Montaigne and Rue Cambon. Unfortunately although they did agree to ship to the UK, they were very reluctant to do so and in the end they told me to order my bag through the Bond Street boutique. You can ask Chanel to do a Europe wide search and if your bag is available they can ship it to the UK Chanel Store. They seem to prefer to do this than to ship to individual customers. Good luck!
  4. I'm not from UK. But I have a similar situation, I'm from Canada, ordered a bag from the U.S. & had them sent to an U.S. address, instead of mine in Canada.

    What you can do is to call up your CC CS & tell them you want to add a shipping address (in your case, France). Then, when you give your CC info over the phone to the Chanel SA, s/he will check with the CC & see if the shipping address matches. This way they could be confirmed you will pay the bill & they can ship out to your friend in France. But, remember, you are not going to change the billing address, otherwise CC statement will send to France instead. In Canada, I can add a shipping address with M/C, but not AMEX somehow. Good Luck!

    P.S. If the SA doesn't want to do this, maybe just call up another one & see. It's up to them whether they want to earn the commission or not.

    P.S.S. Sorry for my English grammer :p

  5. Ceci, thanks for posting that tips. I didn't know you can add 'a shipping address'. This is definitely most helpful :idea:
  6. Wow, thanks for all the useful tips everyone. I've just added a patent caviar timeless clutch to my wishlist, so if I could purchase via the Paris stores it would be amazing! I'll definitely give the shipping address idea a go!!