Buying from BALNY in Cali

  1. Hi everyone. I tried doing a search in the forums and couldn't find a thread on this so i thought i might as well try posting. Does anyone know if I were to order a bag from BALNY and have it shipped to california would they charge me sales tax and shipping?

  2. I just had one shipped to Massachusetts and they didn't charge me tax or shipping.
  3. Hello my fellow Californian!

    They will not charge shipping OR sales tax.

    They'll ship via UPS Ground so it'll take around 6 long days to get here.
  4. Confirming the same - no tax, no shipping for ground. I think they might charge if you want express shipping.
  5. I forgot to add that sadly, that no tax will end when they open Bal LA.
  6. thanks everyone. do you know when they bal store in L.A. will open?