Buying from Balenciaga Paris

  1. Hi Ladies,
    Has anyone bought from Balenciaga in Paris? Do you know if they take phone orders and send bags to other European locations? Also, I've read that NY SA Joseph is really good at choosing bags after being given specific requirements by the customer - will the French SA do the same? Also, do they have a return policy?
    My local stockist, Van Ravenstein, are not getting the colour/style in that I want so I'm going to have to go elsewhere.
  2. Ialmost bought from them but then a German shop had the bag I wanted. They're very nice and helpful but their paying method sucks: you have to fax them a copy of your passport and credit card and just after that they send you the bag and they charge 20 Euros shipping. A city is 900,- there but I would buy from them if I couldn't find what I want here.
  3. Thanks Tanja. I don't mind paying the extra for shipping as the VR in Amsterdam charged me €10 and didn't even send the box! They're not getting the one's that I want - I'd love to strangle the lady that ordered their stock, they've stuck to the basic styles in basic colours. Blah (well, not blah about the colours but it seems a little bland to not stock the fabulous colours Balenciaga are famous for!).
  4. I'm on it, sweetie! Expect news tomorrow!
  5. Thanks Perja - you're a doll!