buying from asia?

  1. has anyone bought tokidoki from websites in japan or other places in asia? i've been looking around yahoo japan, and i can translate all of the pages, and found a few auctions that sold internationally, but they only accepted payments through methods i've never heard of. are there places that accept american credit cards? has anyone ever successfully done this?
  2. I've bought on Yahoo Auctions Japan and on Rakuten, but I haven't been able to successfully use an American credit card. I've had to use bank wire transfer from my bank account in Japan or use my Japanese credit card. I think I tried to use an American credit card on Rakuten but they couldn't get authorization on it. I just recently had a thought though...the last time I went to Japan, I called my credit card company early on to let them know that I was going to Japan and that I would be using my credit cards and i was able to use my American credit cards in Japan. BUT, I extended my trip by three days and I didn't call the credit card to tell them that and my credit card didn't work the last three days there. So, my recent idea was to call my credit card company to tell them that I was going to do an online transaction in Japan and to see if it would go through then but I haven't had the time to try that yet...

    If not, I think there are some shipping services that will bid or buy for you through them for a fee and will ship the items to them and then the company will send you your items to you . Most of the Japanese websites that sell tokidoki bags only ship within Japan (I've emailed several and the answer was no or they have it in their FAQ that they won't). The only ones that I've found that would ship to the US are the Yahoo Japan Auctions where the sellers are also located in the US, but they only accept payment by Japanese credit cards through Yahoo or by bank transfer.
  3. okay. i was going through yahoo auctions and i did find a few that would ship internationally, and they were super rare bags at prices low enough to actually make any customs and shipping charges worth it but i wasn't sure how to get my card to work