Buying from ann's fabulous finds?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I read a lot here but haven't posted much and don't know my way around too well. Hope I'm posting this question in the right place. The LV bags and wallets I own have been purchased from Eluxury but I came across Ann's Fabulous finds a while ago on a thread here. I can't seem to find the thread anymore. My question: are the items in good shape and authentic? With so many fakes I don't know who to trust. Where are they shipped from and does shipping take long? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ann is authentic and she does free shipping over $250. She is very nice in emails too!! I bought a mini monogram Josephine from her and got a great deal on it $350 because it had some inside pen marks. The rest of the bag was new and I was very happy with it.
  3. I have sold more than a dozen items with Ann, and bought some, too. She is A-OK and perfectly legit and worry-free.

    She is in Michigan and the shipping is prompt.
  4. I placed my order - spoke directly with Ann and she was very nice. I ordered a damier clifton. I wanted something to wear over my shoulder ( have both coussin and neverful pm - but they are just too short for wearing over winter coats). The pics online looked pretty good. Hope in person it is just as nice - it comes with the little case that goes inside too. Ann gave me the code "Thanksgiving" and that gave me 15 percent off. I am smiling!
  5. I love ann's fabulous finds , it's a good idea to subscribe to the newsletter cause she has specials time to time
  6. Ann and Troy are fantastic! I have purchased from them and have been 200% satisfied!
  7. Wow! What a great deal!

    You made a great choice... you don't see the Damier Clifton often!
  8. Ann is amazing!! I hope your purchase is as good as it sounds!!! I am sure it will be.
  9. There is an LV item that I've been stalking on Ann's Fabulous Finds and was wondering if she ever offered coupon codes or discounts. I've signed up for her emails, but have never received anything. A code would definitely make me jump! Thank you, in advance!
  10. Sometimes she does, I just don't know the frequency
  11. I've gotten a few emails on one day sales..make sure to get on their mailing list!:smile:
  12. Thank you for you responses! I signed up for the Wishlist. Guess I just have to wait and see.