buying from ADASA

  1. hello guys
    i'm just trying to buy some stuff from ADASA and I was just wondering if that is a trustworthy website...
    has anyone bought anything from them?
    thank you :smile:
  2. I've never bought from there myself, but I've heard of other people that have and said that it's an authentic site.
  3. I've bought from them several times and have only good things to say. Definitely a legit site, shipping is quick and the customer service is great:smile:.
  4. oh really
    thank you for all your input ^^
    then does anyone have their promo code? it will be great if I can get one..
  5. I have also bought from ADASA! Great site! Very legit! If you need a coupon I can get one. Let me know.:yes:
  6. GRECHEN20 for 20% off!!!!
  7. I love ADASA with their super fast shipping service.
  8. thank you guys
    I really appreciate all your help
    but it doesnt seem like I can use a promo code on sales items
    well..but I'm still buying from there!
  9. Yes, unfortunately you can't use promo codes on sale items. But it is a great site. You can't beat free two-day shipping.
  10. yea I totally agree w/ u
    free two day shipping rocks!
  11. I've bought from Adasa and have nothing bad to say about them. Authentic merchandise and fast shipping, I'd definitely recommend them:smile:
  12. I regularly buy from them and they always get me my items in two days- they are fabulous!!!:smile:
  13. Same here. :yes:
  14. I have heard wonderful things about them!
  15. Great site - free shipping and no tax make it a bargain!