Buying from a reseller, is it worth it?

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Oct 22, 2013
asssiaaa trulyy assiaa
Hi babies, so i was wondering, is it worth buying a croc hermes birkin from a reseller? My dilemma is this,

Ive only bought an hermes birkin straight from the boutique , i have been lucky enough to be given the oppurtuinity to grab all 4 birkin straight from fauborg throughout the years, but i have never scored an exotic before. And now with unlimited customers from around the world storming into paris boutiques its getting more and more impossible. theres never an availability for an exotic especially, i am finally ready for an exotic birkin and by that i mean croco of course.but i would feel soo guilty buying from a reseller that charges them double or triple the price from the boutique.

So im having trouble here. Should i keep trying? Or shall i just get my obsession over with amd buy from the reseller? Will i regret? Or you think that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET STRAIGHT FROM THE BOUTIQUE so i shall just get it over with and buy from a reseller?

Advices babies? It would help so much. Would love to hear some of yall experiences. Yay or Nay?​
Not open for further replies.