Buying from a consignment store.

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  1. [FONT=&quot]I've been into a few consignment online/stores, each time i go in i make sure to ask whether they sell authentic or replicas. Sometimes they sell only authentic sometimes they sell both. Thing is.. even if they do claim its authentic yet they have no receipts, how can u verify its authenticity? I have a hard time determining if the bag is real or not, can anyone suggest how to tell if the item is a fakey please? :unsure:
  2. the stores reputation says it all-We have one very high end consignment store in have to have an apptmt just to get in..
    I personally only buy brand new directly from a store..I never Ebay either...but if I did...word of mouth is everything-Just like this forum.
  3. IMO, often the SA there may not even know.
    The person that sold them the item may have assured them it was real even if it is not.
    It's just like eBay IMO, some are, some are not.
    You have to assess each item individually.
  4. I have been to a consignment store but all I saw was fakes. Really obvious ones too cause I am not good at telling apart the really good fakes from real ones.

    I wish I know any consignment/thrift stores that have great deals on nice bags!
  5. People probably take in their fakes after they discover they unknowingly bought a fake on eBay. Who knows?!
  6. I don't know if it's just me, but what my local consignment stores charge is totally ridiculous. I'd rather buy off ebay, and I never assume that consignment stores know what they're talking about, particularly when inexperienced SAs (as in, not the owner who's probably very knowledgeable) often takes items in.
  7. They are expensive, imo.
  8. What is a consignment store?
  9. This place looks interesting

    Anybody have any experience with them??
  10. a place that sells your used stuff for you. It's like a thrift store but you make some $ on your sales (the store takes some too).
  11. I saw a horrible fake LV garment bag at a supposedly "designer" consignment store recently. I'd be very wary unless you're pretty good at authenticating bags or they can provide original receipts.
  12. Thanks Bethany
  13. Ditto