Buying For Sake Of Buying?

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  1. I know this is a touchy subject that I don't want to make people feel uncomfortable or judged by, so let me begin by just saying I wanted to start this thread to open a discussion on the subject. I've been noticing that it seems some individuals start purchasing Louis Vuitton (aka they get their first piece) and immediately are on the hunt for the next item they "need to have," which seems to continue for some in an almost horrifyingly rapid and extreme cycle.

    I definitely understand some people may come into some extra financial benefits or similar situations that make this more of just a means to purchase items they've been wanting for quite some time, but what do you guys think of those who almost appear (to me) to get "addicted" to buying LV?

    I'm a little disappointed in the way the internet has made reselling bags so easy, and personally never purchase a piece I'm not going to love and use frequently, but I know we're all different. I very much understand the appeal of buying a piece that fits your lifestyle at the moment, especially for a location you've just moved to due to climate and culture, new job, etc etc, but I feel like others are constantly buying and reselling their pieces in a never-ending cycle.

    Are there any out there that can understand their reasoning for this type of style if it sounds like their purchasing habits and the appeal / appropriateness it offers you for your lifestyle individually? I truly am just curious, as I feel almost too conservative sometimes about making the choice not to buy an item I love because it just doesn't seem realistic for me. What do you guys think?
  2. If only one could figure out which bag is going to be suitable for the lifestyle :smile:
    Sometimes we choose look of the bag over functionality. Its ok to do mistakes and buy and sell until your heart is content.
  3. You do realise this is a handbag forum right????
    Of course we are all hopelessly addicted :P
  4. I agree, sometimes a gorgeous purse can make you purchase it even when you don't necessarily NEED it at the moment. I was recently deciding between two purses, one that was functional and would fit my lifestyle better and another that I just thought was very pretty. I bought the functional one, but I can't stop thinking of the pretty one.

    Realistically, I don't NEED the other purse, especially when I just bought one. However, I've already started saving up for the other purse when I should really just be enjoying my current purchase. My sister asks me why I'm saving up for another one so soon and my only answer is "because I want it too" :shrugs: that's all
  5. I don't have tattoos, but friends with them say they can't stop at one either. I tell them at least I'm not stuck with a handbag for life ;)
  6. I made a conscious decision to revamp/renovate my entire wardrobe. From coats, scarves, hats, to pants, underwear, belts, and of course handbags and purses.

    The unfortunate thing is they are soooo expensive, and sometimes don't fit every outfit or situation. So buyers have make a choice: Buy or don't, go with or without. Either way, it's no different then buying a BMW when you know you can go the same 60mph speed limit with a Ford or Honda.

    I have just ONE piece that I feeI shouldn't have bought. It's my Zippy Compact Wallet in Damier Azur. I also had it heat stamped, so no returns or exchanges. While I love it, I think to myself, "man, am I'm going to have to baby that wallet".

    The rest of the bags and wallets and accessories, of course I don't need. But neither do I need chocolate chip cookies, sodas, and high heeled shoes. It's a conscious decision, and I can't wait until I get to the point where I'm just "maintaining" my new wardrobe versus buying, buying, buying.

    But it's all very fun indeed!
  7. I find this very interesting! Thanks for your input! I totally understand the way that sometimes the brain pushes you to think logically in terms of practicality, while once you've left the store your heart sinks a little knowing it isn't the one that just was so....PRETTY! :lolots:

    I like the logic here, too. I definitely understand selling a bag after using it for a while and such, but I guess the one thing I just dont fully understand are those who buy bags and basically NEVER use them - of course, they love it, but I guess I have difficulty seeing LV goods that aren't hard-sided to be "collectable" in the ways that a trunk could be used as a piece of furniture to accent a home.

    Maybe we should start an "honest opinion" thread about whether or not to purchase a piece for those who are conflicted. Sometimes I feel like there are threads put up that are almost asking to be convinced that this bag will be great for me, and not because the qualms are due to questions regarding specific aspects of the piece. I feel a little guilty sometimes - maybe I've become a TPF enabler and am swaying the other direction?? :P
  8. I feel life's too short and if you want to buy bags then do it. I know this is such a different world to me then in the 1970's and 1980's where you would never really see young women carrying LV or Chanel. Now for some reason multiples of LV are showing up in their closets. It could be the influence of forums and other aspects of the Internet like blogs and such. Hopefully, maybe the economy is better than back when I was in my teens and twenties.
  9. This is a good idea - an honest opinion thread....... sometimes I think some of us are afraid to say what it really the truth as we dont want to hurt feelings, but sometimes it is kind to be honest........
  10. I'm one of the more 'frugal' LV shoppers. But this is because I am minimalistic in everything. I do not like clutter or owning too much stuff. Because of this I've made a list of bags I need. Once I have acquired those, I'll be done.

    For me that entails :

    Bags already bought : all weather hand / shoulder bag (Trevi), summer tote (Totally DA) all weather cross body (Bloomsbury). I also have an Eva DEand pochette NM for evenings out.

    What I still need now is a formal business bag (will probably get Montaigne GM or Pallas), and a summer time crossbody (Saumur 30 or Siracusa perhaps).

    I'm spreading out my purchases, one every 6 months. Once the last two are acquired, no more LV for me. I'll 'like' bags, but as they won't fit in the 'plan' I won't buy them.

    I don't understand the 'collection' idea. Owning +10 bags would make me nervous, as they wouldn't all be used enough to justify the cost imo. But as mentioned, I am VERY minimalistic across the board.

    I sometimes see people buy the same bag in different sizes or canvasses, colours, and honestly don't understand it. Why not diversify if you're gonna spend ... But I guess some people like to stick with what works for them.

    To each their own.
  11. I love LV but in three years since my first purchase I havnt really bought much I'm fact I nay have two bags, I have at least 2 more on my wish list and of course there is more that I would love to get bad. But to me it's not worth owning too many as I want o get use out of them all. I do really want a mon mono passport cover also and a couple of other slg's but that's about it for me, I don't see that if I had ten bags the would really be used enough even though I would love that many :smile: then again if people can afford it then why not.

  12. The big variety makes it harder sometimes to make one decision

    You end up getting something you like but keep in mind something

    else you already saw that has caught your eye, some of it is human nature inmy eyes

  13. I too have become more and more minimalistic as time has gone by - just keeping what I love now. But having said that - my first LV was a Speedy B and I now have 4 Speedys size 25.
    The DE version, a Mono Version and then I brought a Speedy Cerises Vintage one and a Mono vintage one (which I use as my everyday work horse) - looking back I would have only brought one of those ......I did tend to purchase with my heart and not my head on those times. I have a Favourite cross body and Mila Azur for evening.
    The other other bag I have is a Prada Saffiano Tote - I am really trying to be discipled now.
  14. I'm with you here. it just seems like so much stuff to deal with!
  15. I think buying for the sake of buying is completely normal. I can't speak for others but sometimes it's nice to spoil oneself after a long hard day. Just as my father collects watches and my friend hordes shoes, my penchant happens to be luxury handbags. It's an expensive addiction but I'm not killing myself or others over it. I only buy what I love and will use, and limit it to one purchase per month or quarter if it is a particularly hefty pricetag.