Buying First LV Online - What To Look For?

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  1. Hi everyone! After a long time of deliberating, I am getting ready to make my first LV purchase. I am considering a Graceful MM of NeoNoe MM (or PM). I plan to make this purchase online. I am in the US if that makes a difference to know.

    Don't laugh, but I am slightly terrified to go into the store because 1) I don't want the SA's to be rude or intimidating and ruin the experience for me for my first LV purchase (does this even happen?) and 2) I don't want to go in with one item in mind and walk out having purchased more than intended.

    My concern with buying online is getting something defective or slightly "off" or someone's returned bag. What should I look for when receiving a bag purchased online directly from LV?
  2. You can always buy online and have it shipped to the store - that way you can get it looked over before you take it home, but don't feel as intimidated? (FWIW - I've never felt uncomfortable in store)
  3. Hi,
    I know exactly where you‘re coming from. Not even three weeks ago I made my first Chanel purchase and it took two attempts to go into the store ... :giggle: Yes... I was so intimidated by the people, the prices, the security.... but it was really nice in the end and I can‘t wait to go back- hahaha:biggrin:

    I also bought my first LV online a few years ago because I was terrified to go into a luxury boutique :huh:
    Today (after several more purchases:angel:) I enjoy going to the store and I prefer it to online shopping. I make appointments and tell the SA in advance what I want to look at to avoid waiting and not finding/seeing in person what I want. I would recommend doing that- especially for a first time experience! An SA will be waiting just for you!
    You don't have to be afraid that they are rude! Look forward to it!
  4. Don't laugh, but I am slightly terrified to go into the store because 1) I don't want the SA's to be rude or intimidating and ruin the experience for me for my first LV purchase (does this even happen?)
    There will always be rude sa's...doesn't mean they all are...doesn't mean you should feel intimidated by them. People will be people. You can only control how you react to a situation. Just because it's your first purchase doesn't mean you should have low/high expectations of how you'll be treated. Even though they're luxury, they're still like other retail stores. So walk in without expecting anything and you won't be disappointed. And boutiques have multiple sa's...if you don't like one approach another...or go to another store if you have multiple stores in your area. Don't let an experience deter you from shopping at the boutiques.

    and 2) I don't want to go in with one item in mind and walk out having purchased more than intended
    Take cash...not cards! Problem solved.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I guess because I have had some issues with SA's elsewhere and customer service is not what it used to be + I really would like a positive experience. It will be my first purchase but not my last so looking to build a good foundation with the store.

    If I go in-store... My plan is to get there first thing when they open (not peak shopping) to minimize the chaos of a busy store. I would take cash but I kind of want the points for using my credit card :P

    What are the odds of receiving something substandard or damaged when buying online?
  6. I am not close to a store and buy the majority of my items online and rarely have issues. I like to buy online since people would not have tried on or touched the bag. I bought a love locks speedy from a store and it had a strong perfume smell and I had to return. The vachetta had also darkened so I am guessing it had been in the store awhile,..I also don’t like how they display the bag under lights...
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  7. I would buy online only if the stock of what I wanted is not in the store but I could purchase it online

    At least with the store experience you can inspect the item (issues are specific to an item of what to look for) before you purchase and deal with a return.

    For the graceful mm there aren't a lot of issues that come until you use the bag (mm size tends to get corner wear from bumping into things. I have the pm and it doesn't get as much friction from once walls although once I accidentally closed the car door on it :shocked:).
    The neonoe I also have not heard of what to check on the bag when purchasing. Vs the graceful it is nice that it has compartments and a crossbody strap.

    Both are great options. You could check for alignment on the seams or glue on the canvas. But IMHO this kind of starts a rabbit hole of inspection. If I'm looking for something wrong it takes the fun out my purchase. Anything that would be wrong would be really obvious - glue residue on the bag leaving a white mark on the canvas for example.

    Also for the bags you are looking for if you go in store you may be able to look at several of the same model if one looks off.

    Have fun purchasing and enjoy your bag!
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  8. I had not thought about bags in-store and handling. Assuming there is an option of not buying the floor model if there is additional inventory available in the back...?
  9. Excellent advice - thank you!!! :smile:
  10. Buy online but ship to store.
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  11. depends on the model and sometimes the store, some have more inventory than others.....I wouldn’t be intimidated by going into a store.
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  12. I totally get your feeling!

    Maybe the SA recommendation thread has some SA recommendations for your store (search within the thread) or if you feel comfortable you can ask if anyone can recommend SAs at your store

    In my experience going in during less busy hours definitely helps. Weekdays for example are so much calmer, while during busier times my store is complete chaos. That being said, I wouldn't say that less busy "makes" SAs friendlier. A nice SA will be nice even when it's very busy, and a standoffish one will be cold even when you are the only customer (have seen both cases myself). The difference is in how much time you can have with them & be not in any hurry and chat and inspect the item etc. which I do find very valuable, especially if you are looking to develop a potential long-term relationship.

    I think you will be fine either just go into the store or buy and ship to store. Double check the return policies (e.g. if you use paypal online you can only get credit and not refund...don't recall much else off the top of my head...I rarely shop online anymore & prefer to go through my SA)

    I hope you have a great experience & find a great bag for you!
  13. Thank you!!! I didn't know about the SA thread. Going to check that now :flowers:
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  14. Good recommendations from a lot of the TPF members here. Since this is your first LV purchase I think it would be fun to go in and have the whole experience. And you can try both bags on to see how you feel about them. Initially, I made time to go in store for my first few purchases. But, I'm not extremely close to a boutique so I prefer the convenience of ordering online. All of the items came in excellent shape and were packed neatly.

    I have had good and bad experiences in store, but yes it depends on the SA's personality and peak shopping times as mentioned previously. I inspect all the items I buy in the store before purchasing to make sure I will be happy with it.

    Happy shopping!
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  15. Did you decide on what you were going to do? Purchase online or in store? I am thinking the same thing. I want the first time experience in store, but I dont want to be disappointed if they dont have the item I am looking for in stock. I also want to get a luggage tag