buying first lv bag, need help!!!

  1. trying to buy my first lv bag. is damier azur speedy a good choice?
    It is a good looking bag, but does it only go with summer and spring?
    Is it outdated already or it could be a long last fashion bag?
    Trying to make some memory of my first lv bag. thanks for your opinion!
  2. The azur is a beautiful bag and its a statement bag that would never be outdated in my mind! And ya it looks good for spring & summer yet it can be worn in any season IMO.
    How about the mono speedy as a first LV bag, its popular and it oozes class, since your leaning for a speedy anyway. Good luck!
  3. Hello, the Damier Azur Speedy is an excellent starter bag. I bought the Monogram Speedy 30 for my first LV purchase. As far as style goes, in my opinion it's a very stylish Spring bag and can be carried yearound! The light color is perfect for Spring and it's a poplular bag especially, the Damier Azur collection. Your best bet is to go to an LV boutique, get aquainted with what your specific needs are and try some on. There will be a great sales associate to help you with what you need and what is great for Spring. Enjoy your new purchase!
  4. Speedy is a great starter bag... Good choice! As far as style... it will never get outdated in my opinion. Azur is great for all year long, not just Spring & Summer. Good luck in choosing, and post some pics after you purchase!
  5. honestly, you should start with an lv that won't show dirt/hand oils quickly. almost everyone i know that buys their first lv are buying the mono or the azul and the bags are filthy shortly thereafter. they just don't know how to properly care for one until they've ruined one. the damier and epi collections are pretty hard to 'ruin'. although, i think everyone's first lv should be the speedy mono collection... it's just oozing class and is a good staple. i recommend trying on the different sizes in the store.
  6. I think the azur speedy would be a great first!
  7. I think that the Damier Azur Speedy is a suerb bag!!! I do however want to suggest getting the 30, not the 25. It is so much more functional, in my mind anyway!
  8. i agree; a damier azur speedy would be a good choice! have fun shopping and don't forget to share your new pressy w/ your pals on tpf!
  9. I think you are making a fabulous choice with the azur speedy!
  10. I think it's a good choice, too. The only other one I might suggest would be a mono speedy, but you should go for the one that really catches your eye!
  11. Thanks everyone for your advice. Really appreciate!!!!!! I am not buying a mono speedy is because it is really easy to bump into another person who is carrying the same bag. But I do love monogram. SO any suggestions for an everyday bag. Beverly? Manhantton pm? Tivoli pm? OMG, I am losing my mind!
  12. my first LV is azur speedy 30... I love herrr
  13. I love Speedy! IMO, the Azur is Spring/Summer only. Many will disagree. The Mono or Damier are all year. I would suggest the Mono 30 for you for a starter bag. It is the classic LV that every girl should own!
  14. I don't quite understand the part I bolded. It seems like you're saying that (1) both the mono and azur bags will get dirty or (2) in context of everything you said, just the azur bag will get dirty.

    I really don't htink there's much of a difference between mono and azur. Azur will NOT get dirty or stain and turn yellow/black with dirt. The azur canvas is waterproof and can be easily wiped or cleaned even if it does soil. I've never seen one dirty azur bag yet.

    As for spring summer, it's up to you. No one will frown upon you if you wear a pale bag in the winter!