Buying First Louis..Store or Eluxury??

  1. Hi
    I am buying a Damier Speedy 30, and was wondering if I should make a day of it and go to Chicago to buy it in the store (I live in Wisconsin) or save the time and do ELuxury? I am sure it is more fun to go to the store, but what do you think? I have never seen the Damier in real life, but thought it would make a better Fall/Winter bag, and then I will get the Mono in Spring...
  2. Hi! And congratulations on buying your first bag! A Speedy is a great first bag, too! In my opinion, it's worth it to make a day of it. That way, you can try the different sizes, get your new bag and all the trimmings!
  3. If you definitely know what you want, I would order from elux because you save some money (****** rebate and save tax). Also you have a 60 day return period, in the stores it is 14. I love the LV stores too but you don't always get a cheery SA.
  4. I bought my speedy from elux because I wanted to save on NY sales tax. I already knew what size I wanted, so I didn't need to try it on!
  5. If you have never seen the bag in person, it may be best to go to the store. You can also buy at the store and have them ship it to Wisconsin - that should save you IL sales tax, and should cost only $10 or so. Going to the store can give you a good SA contact for the future as well.

    Another option is to visit the store, come home and "sleep on it", then order from elux.

    GL with your choice!
  6. If you have the time, it's best to go to the store and check out the bag. That way, you can try on the bag and see how you like it. If you can handle the wait, then order from elux with no sales tax:yes:
  7. i'd go to the may go in with something in mind, but you can find something else that you may like better. Plus the ability to try any and everything on with your stuff in it to see how it'll work for you is unbeatable.
  8. I was going to buy my first from the boutique but it's like an hour away & I hate to drive. I'm now deciding to purchase from elux & use ******. Isn't shipping expensive though? I've read some threads where the shipping was $40-$50.00. Is that true?
  9. Shipping on elux is around $20 (depending on your order total). I have had bags shipped from an LV store for $10. I think if you order from 1-800-VUITTON, shipping can vary, but is around $20.

    elux shipping charge link:

    Help - eLUXURY
  10. Since you know what you want, I would suggest ordering it from Eluxury. I know driving to Chicago is not much fun this summer.
  11. i always check bags out at the store and then order from elux.
  12. i think its better to actually go to the store to check it out since youre buying your bag for the first time. have a feel of the bag first. try them on first. it'll make u love your bag even more. so you wont have the post-purchase co.
  13. Yeah..I would go to the store to get it. I'll always remember when I got my first bag myself at the LV store.
    Eluxury is nice but you don't get the experience..
  14. go to the will end up walking out with all the trimmings!!! ha ha ha ha
  15. Go to the store since this will be your first purchase and definitely a cherished moment.