Buying fewer bags and being happy!!!

  1. I can't quite title this thread properly, but my question comes out of the absolute need for me to not keep buying more bags and be happy with the ones I have!! GF stated in a thread that she will buy one Hermes bag per year -- that is a great idea - and reasonable -- and how do I get my mindset there?? I've been such a bag lover for so long, and have bought quite a few, and sell them to buy more, but....I've lowered my number down low and with almost all Hermes not much else to sell...and with a ds going to college in one year...I'm feeling a pinch!! A big one lol!! Any suggestions?? I plan to try to buy accessories/scarves/bracelets which may help for a bit but looking for any suggestions...without having to avoid the Hermes board!:confused1:
  2. Sometimes I get to caught up in buying too many bags.I am trying to cut down on spending so much. It is a very hard circle too break.Right now i'm in some crazy Chanel phase:love:
  3. you're talking about reducing want? that's messy business. you would have to evaluate where the want comes from in the first place and address that. i know that once i get a kelly, i won't want another bag, but i will surely move on to some other thing to crave. want will not be retired, merely redirected. i guess it would be better if i redirected my attention/energy, lol, to something non-consumer related.:girlsigh:
    on the other hand, as it could be years before i get the kelly, i'm doomed to focus and lust for quite a while. yes, the good news it that it doesn't cost money to daydream... what about figuring out what wardrobe needs your other bags don't fill and pick one hard-to-find bag to fit that, instead of one a year. pick something you wouldn't be able to find/buy for a while and then suffer along with me. :hysteric:
  4. I usually buy at least one bag every 1-2 months, but decided I am not going to buy any other bags until I get my Birkin.

    I actually sold quite a few bags to fund my recent Kelly 35cm purchase, and I must say I am happy with my choice. :yes:
  5. Well I could really use that Birkin in your avatar:graucho: :lol: , Hi heels has got the right picture, imo!!! Thx Hiheels!!!
  6. you know, star3777, that is nice consolation in a forum where i'm always drooling. i'll take a compliment, even if it's on my purse (some day, some day!).
  7. i am gonna take Kou's advice and just buy what I really want and not just for the sake of buying.. I had been eyeing several birkins but not in the color that I truly want (I want a blue jean birkin)... Kou just said that to ease my shopping cravings, I can just get the smaller items such as scarves or what not.. I am not a very patient person but I think, such advice will actually be good so that I don't buy things I will never use... I will just keep myself busy by looking at my closet and start using my bags.. right now, i only use 2 of my bags (my dior and DKNY).. I guess there's tons of other bags I can use, even if I don't get my birkin this very moment... plus add to the fact that I don't want to spend 10K for my 1st birkin... so patience, that is one virtue I am hoping to obtain from this new fascination with Hermes goodies..
  8. ^ me too! I have had regrets about passing on a couple of Birkins lately, but I'm really trying to hold out for what I want too! It's hard - I get tempted by other Chanels and I still want a BV hobo, but I'm trying to stay focused and think about how nice it'll be to tote around the my dream bag!

    I think some small treats here and there is a good way to help you stay on track - i.e. maybe some scarves that might look cute with your next bag?
  9. Hmmm... this is what I am thinking of too.... no more bags, save the money for a Birkin... but getting a Birkin in Singapore (where I am) is almost impossible, unless you are a Hermes VIP or a celebrity.... shucks.... does this mean no more bags for the rest of my life .....:crybaby:

    I am getting so fed up hunting for one (sorry, but i don't feel comfortable getting one through eBay) that I'm thinking I might just stick to Loewe Amazonas for the rest of my life !!!

    So, if any of you ladies in Singapore do know how I can get a 30cm Birkin, please please let me know :sos:....
  10. Yes HH, reducing the "want" I guess is what I'm after....maybe I just need to find other things to sell beyond purses lol!!! I'm very in lucking in the bags I have and I think I need to rotate and enjoy them all....I'm extremely aware that for me, the hunt sometimes IS so enjoyable vs. the actualy getting the I tend to then look for the next hunt...if that makes sense! At least the positive thing is that there are so many cute, smaller items to find! I love, love that little bookmark someone posted the pic of!!!
  11. well my friend, then we have a job for you. you can be the official hunter for all the posters who are looking for a particular bag. shopmom found a whip for one poster. you can be the bag lady (leave the s&m to shopmom).
    then you have all the hunt, and none of the hurt. lol
  12. Great idea HH!! I truly feel happy for those who do find there bags -- the only problem is I rarely get into the store...but have always been darn good with a phone lol!!! Long before the internet I was the catalog queen and burning up the hone lines finding things in magazines, etc.....
  13. before i also bought 1 bag/month.
    Now i save up for hermes,which means i really use the bags which i own and it makes me feel really good!
    yesterday i wore my massai gm with a beautiful triangle scarf tucked in the closer and it looked stunning!!!!everytime i wear hermes i look stunning:smile:!!!!!!
    actually it feels good for me to buy 1-2- bag per year and several accessoires such a scarf,charms, etc...
  14. missm, that's about what I did probably - 1 bag per month...and since I knew this day was coming...when I really need to buckle down...I've been a little nuts in the past few months which is going to make this even harder lol! But I do admire the people I see who do use a few bags over and over...and really make them part of their that it what I need to focus on myself...and then I'll be able to report back years from now on how well my bags have worn because I won't have new ones all the time lol (am I laughing??!!!)....Less is more.....less is more...actually something I am striving for in all parts of my life (clothes, food, etc.!)...thanks for the input!
  15. very true!!!!i know it is really hard,but you have to focus!i actually dont visit anymore other shops for bag which helps a lot!
    i was out yesterday for fashion caffe,there i saw a great chloe edith,but i thought ok,next season it comes something else than i would look dated,but with massai i was cool and chic the same time will look the same next years as well....
    when i feel 'the need' to buy something i go to the ATM,pick up couple of hunderds euros,more than half i put in an envelope,the rest i go to the spa and enjoy the day....
    when i feel really down:smile: i take the envelope and buy a nice accessory at hermes!
    so everyone is happy,except my second hand shop where i used to be a VIP seller and they really miss me lately:smile: