buying fake LV for boss...difficult situation

  1. My friend is traveling to Asia soon and her boss pulled her aside and asked if she could buy one of those super fakes for her. My friend was flustered and said she'd look into it and that you can get them in Chinatown. She really didn't know what to say. Then her boss showed her some pics of the bag she wanted.

    My friend wears real bags all the time and her boss probably thinks they are fake. I really didn't know what to say either except that she should not let her boss know she has real bags and should say that she didn't find any good ones or something in Korea. I hope I was right to tell her that but I don't know what else to tell her. I know she feels awkward now in her last few days before vacation because she is working closely with her boss. :sad:
  2. Ughhh what a hard situation. I don't know what she should do. Being her boss it makes it particularly hard. I would normally say she shouldn't buy a fake no matter what...but that would be easy for me to's not my boss!
  3. I think you told her the right thing. She shouldn't get stuck buying fakes, especially if it could land her in trouble with customs, etc. If the boss wants one so badly, she should go to Chinatown and get one herself!
  4. I GOT IT!!! tell her that they are illegal! tell her that she would risk federal charges bringing that back into the country. she can not risk her freedom for anyone.

    side note the boss probably thinks your friends bags are fake. when she gives her that speech she should have the card and or name of her SA and let her know that she gets excellent service from that person everytime she comes in.

    that should kill both birds with one stone.
  5. she should tell her boss that she tried to locate one but she was told that buying/selling fake goods were strongly prohibited and she could get fine for that if she gets caught
    it may not be true but hey whatever it takes
    and also I don't understand why she should hide the fact that she only carries authentic ones?
    she should be proud of her authentic lvs
  6. That must be tough.

    I think her boss will probably have more respect for her if she says she will not do it for moral/legal reasons.
  7. Thanks everyone. Her boss is very frugal and even set up a new punch in system with the hourly workers to track time accurately (no punching in for friends), and she's afraid if her boss knows her bags are real she would get a low bonus. Does that make sense?
  8. :cursing:Let her boss know that she can go to jail or get a 3000 euro ticket for carrying fake gucci and other in Italy.
  9. That is incredibly illegal and unethical. Time for your friend to find a new job and possibly report this person to her superiors. She should not disclose anything about her personal spending habits to this woman, and should also refuse to buy her fakes on the grounds that oh.... i dunno... trafficking in counterfeit goods is a federal offense? Hey maybe she could bring back some good heroin too while she's there. Sheesh.
  10. Wow. This is something that your friend should NOT have to deal with. Her boss was very unprofessional for doing this. If there is anyone above her, your friend should have a talk with them immediately.

    Me being the person I am I would have told her NO, and if she asked why I would have been honest. It is not your friends fault that her boss assumed that she carries fakes, and she should not have to prove anything. She earns the money so what she does with it thereafter is none of their business.

    I do understand what you are saying that they may give her a lower bonus which should have nothing to do with her lifestyle but her work ethic and performance. She should let her boss know before she leaves for her trip that she will not be purchasing the bag for her.

  11. I understand why she would think that but her boss can't discriminate against her because she chooses to spend her money on her bags!

    She sounds like an awful person to work for.
  12. It is definitely illegal to do so. Your friend should just tell her boss that!
  13. Haaaa, tell your friend to tell your boss they were taken at customs!
  14. Sounds like pure intimidation. She should be reported to her superiors.
  15. hmmm!!! got to be very careful on bring fake merchandize in ... i know somebody got caught on the airport bring in a fake vuitton.... :tdown::tdown: