Buying Essie & Opi nail polish online

  1. I had a favorite saved for an online retailer of OPI and Essie polish at really great prices. I can't find the favorite!!!! All I remember is there was the number 8 in the name of the store.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about?

    Thanks in advance
  3. carries Essie, not sure about OPI though.
  4. I buy them from Avenue You Beauty... They charge full retail prices, but UPS shipping is only $1, they get the stuff out fast AND they're only ~1hr away from me, so I always get my order within 2 days :tup:
  5. That's it!!!! THanks so much:yahoo:
  6. ^ Are they minis or full sized? I can't tell from the description :hrmm:...
  7. All of the sites I was going to suggest have already been posted LOL. You can also try eBay; there's a lot of discontinued colours there.
  8. Full size. Unless noted, the bottles are full size.
  9. ^ Thanks! :flowers:
  10. Wow! Are they always that cheap?!
  11. Yeah, them and 8ty8 are amazingly cheap, it's awesome.