Buying dustcovers/ boxes?

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  1. I was just wondering if you bought an older Hermes without the dustbag or box- will Hermes sell you either one? Or are you relegated to ebay? Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. They won't sell you one. But if you take a bag in for cleaning without a dustbag, they will give you a new one. Oh, if you have an old dustbag, don't take it into the store. I've heard people have had their vintage dustcovers taken away and replaced with a new one.

  3. Btw, they have new dustbags. Its no longer the orange one :crybaby:

    I prefer the orange dustbag cos its so hermes !!!
  4. Don't hope for one from the Singapore store at Liat. I brought in the box Kelly at the same time as I brought in the JPG Birkin (in a dust bag). The Kelly I was using and decanted everything inside it into an Hermes shopping bag (I was on my way home).

    When I picked it up, not only was it NOT in a dustbag, they didn't even have the courtesy of putting it into an Hermes carrier, but just into some random shopping bag. Another reason NOT to shop in Singapore.
  5. ^^^I just read this WN....and FELT so SORRY for you:crybaby: . That S*cks and is down right MEAN to treat a just SPAed Hermes!!:crybaby: Big hugs to you and your bags:heart:
  6. ^Aw thanks NHL. (No calling you NHM tonight, stone cold sober.)

    She feels better already. Was getting a complex from their treatment of her. Maybe they felt she was over the hill and past her prime! LOL.
  7. ^^^Just a question??? HAS ANYONE EVER COMPLAINED about an SA or a STORE before?? This should be another thread to be started?;) They probably don't care even if you do?
  8. I'm not sure how much the store or Hermes might care.

    I prefer to vote with my wallet. But since at least one of the H stores here doesn't see how much I spend, and probably doesn't care either, I guess it doesn't matter to them.
  9. Bought my vintage Croc Kelly and it came with a new orange sleeper.....had to go out into the world of eBay to find an old beige one. But now she's happy sleeping in her old bag as befits her age and dignity.....
  10. Eeuuuw WrongNumber, that is SAD! And the custoer service is dubious for a store like Hermes. Most sorry to hear.
  11. sorry to hear that. How can H do something like that? putting their item into some random shopping bag for a client.

  12. If I were you, I'll give them my 'feedback' :rolleyes: :graucho: :mad: :supacool:
    Its gross they dint even use a Hermes paperbag for your kelly. Thats crazy :yucky:
  13. Wait, what color is it now? Brown? Just a random guess, can't imagine what color they want to use to replace the trademark orange.
  14. Like the bags they put the Hermessence perfumes in, Kou, with the brown logo on the front.
  15. ^^ I prefer the orange ones..