buying dress pants

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  1. hi all!

    ok, im a n00b when it comes to buying pants (i'm a jeans girl!) but i decided to pick up a few pairs at club monaco today but im not sure if they fit right.

    maybe its just my body type..=T

    anyways, thre is this pair that i bought, but im a bit iffy on.
    it fits well through the leg, but theres those 'strecth' marks around the crotch area. dos that mean the pants are too tight? and if they are, do you think that they would streatch out?

    the next size up is to big in the legs, so that looks bad.
    the shell is 95% wool and 5% i guess it has some strecth to it, but wool also shrinks

    so wat do you think/ should i return them and just not even bother since this size is to small in the crotch area and the next size up with to wide in the legs?
  2. most likely they will not stretch out, and never buy pants or jeans that give themselves stretch marks of their own when you wear them!
    I'm a short and petite person, I hate sizing up, but it would be more appropriate in most settings, if you didn't stick with the tighter fit ones. But also, I always buy my clothes with meetings and conferences in mind, I don't go out, so it wouldn't really be a good idea for me to go for tighter fit slacks anyway.

    return those slacks, go find slacks elsewhere, maybe you can start with ann taylor, gap, old navy, express, etc.
  3. thanks snoopy!
    yea i think i will return them =T
    it sucks buyind dress pants for me. if only the office allows jeans, because i never have problems with buying jeans.

    i just alwasy have trouble finding the right fit of dress pants. ive tried banana republic, gap, etc but usually they are always to big in the thighs =(
  4. If you have "stretch marks" sometimes it is from the rise being the wrong size. A lot of dress pants are cut for narrower hips--I've found that the best brands for a bigger butt and smaller waist (i.e. me) were from Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Ellen Tracy, Dana Buchman. I've also had great luck in Europe and the Middle East of all places--other countries seem to have more appreciation for curves! You can always have a tailor take in the waist or legs a bit, but the rise is the hardest part to fix.
  5. ^
    I agree with urologist. Ellen Tracy and Dana Buchman have a nice fit for me. I also like Eileen Fisher and Ralph Lauren (the Lauren line).

    Dress pants are difficult for me to buy too, but I find that buying the larger size and them having them altered to a smaller, perfect fit in the necessary places is a good way to go. It usually costs no more than $25 or so and it's money well spent.

    If there's a crease at the crotch, they're probably too tight there.

    Good luck!
  6. Alvin Valley makes great pants! A little pricey ($200+) but worth every penny. His trademark is a large waistband that is very flattering.
  7. That's good to know! I don't mind spending the money on good stuff!:tup:
  8. ^^you can find his pants on shopbop...and they're having a progressive sale now (spend a certain amount of money and get $ back) so it might be worth it:smile:
  9. Thank you! I just checked out your suggestion. The ones I like are marked down to $129.50 from $200+ so I think I'll go ahead and order a pair.
  10. try dress pants that are slim fit or straight leg...a lot of dress slacks tend to be more trouser or wide leg cut. gap has a lot of slim fit and straight leg dress pants. i order my usual pant size from there and have the waist taken in a little in the back so the pants don't gap (there was really no pun intended...i couldn't think of another word!). i also love that their pants come in 3 different lengths.
  11. Do you have a good tailor? that can make a world of difference.

    I second Alvin Valley...I love theory as well.
  12. ITA with preppieblonde, the best way to get a perfect fit is to have clothes tailored to fit you. You'll miss out on a lot of great things if you skip styles that you're in between sies on, or that don't fit exactly right off the rack. Of course, if you're inbetween sizes, buy the bigger size and have them taken in (much easier than letting things out that are too small/tight).
  13. I agree with preppieblonde...the Theory Max C pant is the perfect cut pants - they are over $200 in stores but you can often find them on Ebay or on sale for under $100. I'm a jeans girl as well but since I can't wear jeans to work I stocked up on this style in different colors.
  14. I have this problem with most slacks, but I've found that the ones by Express fit me well. I have a bit wider hips, and they don't give me those marks. Also, they make my butt look perkier LOL.