buying contacts online

  1. i'm figuring this is the place to put this...cause i think it would get lost elsewhere...if not, mods, please move it. :smile:

    has anybody ever ordered their contacts from a place like 1800contacts(or the like)? i need new ones, but my prescription is hard to come by (-11.00 and -10.50) so i can never go get samples and it takes forever to get them if i order them from my optometrist.
    i was assuming the quality is the same...but my mom is worried that the contacts might be old or something? and since my vision already sucks, i don't really need that!
    i know visiondirect has an offer that would let me get 4 boxes for right at $90,which is a fantastic deal...
    so, does anyone know about the contacts? or should i wait and order them through my optometrist?
  2. I always order from 1 (800) contacts. Never had any problems and have been completely satisfied!
  3. yeah it's the only way i ever buy contacts. but i didn't use that particular site, as i'm in australia.
    i haven't got expired contacts, but i did get ones once that had like 6months or so to go (bought a 3month supply, so i suppose that's justifiable)

    they're fine, all sealed in the box etc, same ones the optometrist gives you.

    if you can find your prescription, def try it.
  4. 1800 contacts is great, top-notch quality lenses and the customer service reps have always been very nice!
  5. They should be fine. just make sure your eye dr has recently examined your eyes. Otherwise they may not fill the rx.
  6. thanks guys! i feel better about ordering them now.
    my prescription is good until next april. i REALLY need to go back because everything is getting fuzzy again...but i hate going and having him tell me i'm basically going blind... :sad:
    so i'll suffer with these until they're unbearable.
  7. hi guys, I have never use contacts b4, but I would like to wear some color contacts. Can you guys help me? Ideas? How to? Thanks
  8. you'd need to see your optometrist first...
    though i think they have ones that just change eye color, but have no prescription in them...but i'm not sure. do you wear glasses?
  9. Nah, I dont wear glasses. I just feel like wanting a new eyes' color sometimes.
  10. Yup..Me too..You just have to have a valid prescription because they WILL verify your prescription w/ your eye care person....Never had a prob...As a matter of fact I just ordered a few weeks ago...Cheapest on the net for mine........:heart: Emmy
  11. I order my husband from we've never had a problem. They are so much cheaper than buying them at the optometrist.
  12. I'm on the UK, so I order my lenses from a UK based supplier. However, I've been buying contacts online for two years and I've never has a problem.

    I don;t know how things work in US but over here it's normal for them to ask for your optician's name and address to double check your prescription. They won't work with an oiutdated prescription either. I get the same brand as the optician reccommends but for half the price!
  13. I've ordered from 1800contacts, same products. The second time I did it my eye doc called me and matched the price, he wanted the business!
  14. I ordered my contacts from Visiondirect and I couldn't be happier....exactly the same lenses I get from the Optometrist, but MUCH less expensive!