Buying Concert Tickets on eBay

  1. Hi Everyone...

    I tried searching but couldn't find anything about this.....

    I'm buying my mom sold-out tickets to Celine Dion's concert in Vancouver next October for Christmas and was looking on eBay. How do I avoid buying fake tickets (are there even such things?) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make sure I get legitimate tickets, and have no problems?

    Thanks so much for all your help :smile:
  2. Hi there, You can find fake tickets on eBay so the normal rules apply, check their feedback, see if the information they provide is comprehensive enough and makes sense, look out for respected ticket agents who may now be using eBay. I guess this is common sense though.
  3. I sold some Dave Matthews Band tickets on ebay once, no problems. Just make sure you know what the real tickets look like first, if that's possible.
  4. I'm not sure - you may want to check on eBay's message boards for this. I bought Wiggles tickets once and it was fine.
  5. Wow!
    I was just looking at the cost of tickets for that show on EBAY and all I can say is be careful and check the person feedback!:s:tup:

    I will try and give friend who owns a large recording studio in Vancouver (I do editting and autotuning for him on songs) a call tonight and find out if there is any safe place to get tickets in Vancouver for you.
    Or if he could find you some.:tup:
    I'll try, I know he's pretty busy these days since he's headed over to Bollywood in India in Feburary and has an album still to finnish up first.
    But I'll ask him.
  6. That is soo kind!! Thanks soo much for the offer, I really appreciate it. Please let me know if he has any ideas :yahoo: I really really want to find them for my mom for Christmas !! Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I will definately follow your advise.
  7. Well, Talked to my friend tonight, and he said that those are fairly hard to come by since they sold out so fast.
    He couldn't get any from anyone he knew.:sad:
    He also agreed with me that EBAY would be fine but PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL! from who you buy from!
    Make sure to read through all their feedback and find someone with a good long history of sales of tickets.
    Sorry for the lecture!:lecture:

    I was also thinking you should be able to take the tickets you buy and have the tickets checked to be authentic at one of the local box offices in Vancouver.:tup:

    Sorry, that I couldn't help more just be careful and all I know is that you are one special daughter:heart: for wanting to get you mother these tickets.
    Good Luck and be Careful!
  8. Be careful.
    You might want to check out a reputable ticket broker instead.

    Not sure if I can recommend here, but do a google search for ticket brokers.
  9. I use a ticket broker for almost all of my tickets. I was thinking of going to Celine in Chicago but the best tickets are around $1000. No thanks.
  10. I recently bought tickets on ebay to the sold out National Finals Rodeo with no problem. I have also successfully sold tickets on ebay on occasions when I have bought tickets to an event and been unable to attend. I think it really comes down to checking the sellers feedback very carefully. Sometimes even if it says 100% positive feedback I will actually take the time to read some of the feedback. Even though ebay has really changed in the past few years (for the worse), there still are some very honest buyers and sellers out there. Just be careful!!:smile:
  11. I've had no problems on ebay either. Like others said, check out their feedback.

    I have also purchased tickets on StubHub. It's a lot like ebay, but I think they have better guarantees. We bought tickets to a baseball playoff game that didn't end up being needed, and since the event was canceled, we got our $$$ back.

    Also, I have seen Celine, and while $1000/ticket would be too much for me to pay to see any show, she does put on one hell of a concert. And I wouldn't even call myself a fan.
  12. Hi there, I worked for a ticket broker for 8 years and have listed hundreds of ticket auctions (yes Wiggles, NFR and celine lol!). Ask for pics, check the dates on the ticket, check that the venue name matches and Pay with a credit card.

    Tickets can be replaced if the original owner calls to report them lost or stolen. At that point, whoever gets to the show first will get in. Thats probably the biggest worry. Sometimes unscrupulous sellers will sell the set of tickets, report them lost and then sell the second set (which are usually left at will call).

    If you want to PM the name of the seller I can probably tell you if they are legit. Good luck! :smile: